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    The Big Park

    Let the sheeple have their grass!
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    The Big Park

    This is a great idea! Will likely lead to an increase in property taxes collected and help out business in the area to boot.
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    Beaches music venue gets the approved - EDM coming to Beaches/Leslieville

    East-ender love over here...with the Sound Academy being redone as well, should be lots of easily accesible music in my future. :)
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    Blue Jays 2016

    Yep - I think Sanchez is OK with it too, which is great.
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    The Dark Side of DJs Who Tour

    I never even thought about this...interesting. p.s. Progressive Trance is still a thing?
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    Creating your own website?

    What are you using it for? E-Commerce, blog, etc?
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    Blue Jays 2016

    Apparently Russ isn't done yet if he has his say....
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    Toronto to consider safe-injection sites

    Thank you janie and kyfe and praktik. I spent enough time speaking to this on facebook to people with the same stance as waynkenken, luckily people on there actually took time to read actual research on SIS' and changed their tunes.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2016/17

    There will be pain. And no one said it would stop this season. Welcome to a proper rebuild.
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    Amy Winehouse

    How is this person not banned yet?
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    Weapon for Home Defense

    I have a baseball bat under my bed. I never thought about the swinging in close quarters issue. I think if I use it like a slefgehammer it'll be fine.
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    Truck slams into crowd in Nice, France on Bastille Day

    The headline says terror attack but the story sounds someone with a mental health issue who had homicidal and suicidal ideations.
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    Rosie Dimanno charged with assault

    Aahahaha...aahhahah..hahahaaa... Oh mercy. That's gold right there.
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    sports media thread?

    I heard Jeremy Taggart tell a story a few weeks back about how he lived with Avery in LA at one point, and Avery was so hated that Rick Nash. completely unprovoked, tried to beat up Taggart at a Golf Tournament simply for being Avery's roomate at the time.