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    Renting a car

    When they offer extra insurance, take it. Here's a story: I flew to thunder bay and rented a car for an 8000km job-hunting trip. It was a rainy day when I pulled into red lake. There were lots of potholes, all of them full of water. I was driving through a field of shallow holes when the car...
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    More Craigslist Hilarity

    Smart guy.......... I saw this on another forum:
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    The what are you reading thread?

    This was the best book I ever read. And the stories are true too, incredible.
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    Here's a classic: LSG- Hidden sun of Venus, from 1995 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slpgj-be4qo
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    I have to confess I love listening to synth demo's as well. Here are two that I would be proud to own some day: Jomox Sunsyn, this thing sounds beautiful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj-hqEiIjX4 Dave Smith evolver, great step-sequenced analog leads...
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    Current Tune You Can't Get Enough of Thread

    I love stuff like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQpdM5fpjKg Hearts of space from 1992. I was looking for acid trance like this for years when buying records, now thanks to better websites it's much more accessible. Kind of happy and spiritual, not overproduced. Sounds like a 303, a...
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    using company resources for personal means

    ^How do you sleep at night?
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    Are you happy at your current job?

    It's really 11k.... after taxes :(
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    Best Death In A Movie

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    using company resources for personal means

    In my line of work, salaries, tools, food, and office supplies only amount to about 5% of the company's operating costs. Fuel, insurance, and parts/maintenance are the real costs. Also taking into account that nearly all of my time is "company time", it would be difficult to get in trouble...
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    Video cameras.....

    I went shopping for one today, and was disappointed to find that every one that had half-decent features was around a thousand bucks, and all very flimsy. The best I found was a Canon 1080i, and that didn't even impress me. I'm thinking, why pay that much when it's the same price for a used...
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    Are you happy at your current job?

    I'll bite. - how much vacay at the current job?6 months - can more vac be negotiated? no, you have to work sometime! - how well is company A doing vs companies B? same... A has smaller machines, B's have bigger ones. Same #of employees, just more capacity. - benefits at both companies? A...
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    LOL.... getting torn to pieces by a polar bear is natural too!
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    Lightning/Thunder downtown?

    Thundersnow is nothing new, it's just rare. Usually happens in a winter warm front, which can bring lots of other stuff like that nasty freezing rain. Although it's cmmon enough to have its own METAR code: "TSSN"
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    Anyone know of any superspecific weather sites?

    Nice! How did you get on that caravan? That's a lot of airplane for a 1st/2nd year guy! I'll forgive the Seneca thing.... I was a ramp rat too. I have a couple of friends from there who don't fit the stereotype, I was shocked to hear their dirty secret. lol @ ducharme