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    Ben f**kin Watt!

    whoops! was i like drunk when i read this? nevermind :p i am still in!
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    Ben f**kin Watt!

    it's the old left bank -- how swanky can it be??? i'm dustin of the ol dancin shoes for this one!
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    Clausell at Sunnyside

    I had a great night! I remembered from past nights at sunnyside that the washroom line would be long, so it was no surprise, just the price you pay for being in this unique venue. It did seem a little squished having the booth in the far corner, but I quickly got over it as the music carried...
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    The Birth Control Thread!

    I had a terrible time in the beginning on Orthocept and Minestrin -- talk about psycho bitch. I cried all the time and had the craziest mood swings. I went off it for a few years and thought I just couldn't handle being on the pill. Then i decided to give it another try. I've been on...
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    Moving Sale

    We are moving and there are some items that won't fit into the new place -- no matter how much we love them... Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with 3 pot lights - $150 http://toronto.craigslist.org/fur/133685856.html Black Leather Reclining Chair with Ottoman - $75...
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    Lazydaze vol2 mixed by Sage

    Raffi... who woulda thought?? me too! i used to have the original when i was a little kid -- so when i heard it in the mix i got this warm fuzzy feeling :)
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    dan x & others @ system....

    shucks:) glad you're coming girly!! ~L
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    dan x & others @ system....

    Ah, I beleive that's "Mrs. boy who cried wolf" and I still won't beleive it if i see it! :D See ya tonight!
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    the flyer won't load for me :confused: how much is it?
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    your faves 'classic' house tracks... ??

    first and foremost and still a fave of mine : A Guy Called Gerald ~ Voodoo Ray Inner City ~ Good Life Ralphi Rosario feat. Xavier Gold ~ You Used To Hold Me Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco Royal House - Can you Party Raze - Break 4 Love The Nightcrawlers - Push the Feeling On Fast Eddie -...
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    Toooooooooo much fun at Migs

    I second that!! hmmm. think maybe we should change your name to Mrs. Blue after all the outfit changes on saturday??
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    summer tracks...

    you said it! my vote is for balmes -- a better life ft. esthero "warm water, sunshine and laughter.. just like my daydreams..."
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    Toooooooooo much fun at Migs

    yes!!! i was listening to lazydog 1 friday nite pre-boa, and then again saturday. lisa shaw's "always" was my very first record -- a gift from a dear friend and still one of my all-time favourite tracks! i had an amazing nite at boa friday. the vibe was great -- nuthin but smiling faces and...
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    *Happy Birthday Mike Gleeson!!!*

    Cheers to you Mike -- Hope you had a great day!! :) Lisa
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    New Mix - Life ? v.2 - FREE

    pouting... i never got one on friday you bringin some copies to sneaks's bday??