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    How long can food poisining last?

    They answered this on CSI vegas one. (the hockey death eppisode). I believe it was 4 or 7 hrs. That's according to the show. Cameron Bay.
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    George Stroumboulopoulos leaves MuchMusic

    Much really has had a high turn over on its VJs the last year or so. The last New Music host (ian) left for CBC News world. That guy kicked ass too. I wonder what were the leading factors to him leaving. If what he saw Sudan and covering the election pushed him further into wanting to do...
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    kos @ the opera house

    My fave shot of the pics. most blurred, took more vid then images. Cameron Bay.
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    kos @ the opera house

    I didn't catch the Oprah House show as i knew i would catch him at Humber. I think the Sam Robberts fellow guy is Peter (forget his last name). I bored through some of his songs/contents but he did have 1 track i liked. The Caps show was excellent. It was pretty crowded but it was a...
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    TRIBE board party raised $1020.00 for CANFAR

    great i got the email 4ward a lil to late to adjust my plans to make it. i havent been here on such a long time that i missed all prior talk on it. glad to hear it was such a success and sounds like a great time. i wanted to go there early and head out to phoenix but massive delays and a...
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    no hockey!?

    ummmm yesterday my friend, yesterday it's bizare and if u ask me who won i have no clue the tucker hit just ticked me off to much. Cameron Bay.
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    Stranded @ WEMF

    ^hehe Destiny, plz keep us posted on the case. the missing headliners and such was bad but not being able to get home was the worst. no one realy knows the bus companies (heck we tried call them) and ppl had only your word on how the service would be. your the one who looks soley to blame...
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    Stranded @ WEMF

    getting there on the bus saturday was fine but what coming back!.... i was out at the end of the parking lot around 6:20am on the sunday waiting for the bus. others were out there since 6am and b4 with no site of a bus. atound 6:45am a yell told us to head to the other end of the street to...