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Recent content by PRIMAL

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    SpeedyJ - 2009 Edition

    Absolutely the best set I've heard in YEARS!
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    LF: Beats Ahoy 10 tickets - Sunday - May 24, 2009

    I have 2 tickets and I'm still on the fence.....
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    ANTM Cycle No. 10 - February 2008

    i think it's funny that Michelle from one of the season's is married to survivors "johnny fairplay" and they have a baby. michelles the one that got impetigo on her face. scabby bitch
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    Fire at Unity Nightclub in Montreal

    gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. i can't believe this thread is so big
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    Quick question BRT

    Thanks all. And Hi Brad, Liz, Adam, Chris.
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    Quick question BRT

    What year did Element Bar close? thanks
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    alieninflux + promise + fukhouse NYE

    My only complaint is walking home in the rain. Other than that, fucking great!
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    Happy Birthday PRIMAL....

    Awww, thanks a lot. guys. I've been TRIBE awol lately. I still occasionally read, but I've lost my venomous sarcastic posting ways, so, I've slowly dimmed away. I appreciate the happy birthdays thuroughly. (sp? whateva I'm drunk.)
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    **Terry Mullan**

    So there!
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    So You Think You Can Dance - Season III

    You fucking missed out!
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    Jalapeno in smoothies = teh jesus

    In the carribean as well. Jerk and pineapple. mmmmm
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    Maynard's Candy Commercial

    Stupid thread, should be in nobody cares, but I'm not on enough to be able to find a response in that giant thread. Does anyone know what the song is in that commercial?
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    Montreal Pride.

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    Happy Birthday Moez!

    happy birthday Jo! xo
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    'Monster Pig' shot in U.S. outweighs 'Hogzilla'

    Supposedly wild boar bacon is the best bacon you can get. mmmm.