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    What's your relationship status ?

    What's his name?
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    Bed frames with storage

    LEXINGTON LEATHER QUEEN BED - BEDS - Bedroom - Gen Y Style Furniture - Mobilia Living with Style This bed lifts up and there is huge storage under the whole thing.
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    [[...snow addiktz 2010/2011...]]

    Tickets to the ski and snowboard show I think I have two tickets to spare for the SKI AND SNOWBOARD SHOW. Must pick up near Rogers Centre or at the event tonight. email aleksandra dot malarzewski at gmail dot com
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    Aviator glasses wearing girls! it's soon time to digg out the uggs

    I will defend my UGGs till the end. My friends hate them and call them Ugly - but for someone who has back problems and hates the cold, they are the only thing that keep me comfortable in the Winter. I don't wear them to be "cool" or "trendy" I wear them to make my feet happy!
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    Mad Men

    I started watching the show this month from Season 1. In a few short weeks I've been able to fast forward to the middle of season 3. I am hooked on this show. I make my bf watch at least 2 eps a night. Amazing.
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    The Bachelor Pad

    I went to College with Jessie. She's a nice girl and pretty funny actually.
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    I know - the colour is beautiful and it's soft and comfy to lay on. Update: Jerker desk is SOLD.
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    Bieber has got to be stopped

    leave my biebs alone!! Good for him - you'd do the same if you struck it big.... and he's from Stratford - I have to be proud.
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    Ya I love this set and I'm really sad to let it go but I'm moving in with my bf and he has a set he loves already. Looking to sell it to a good home. Willing to accept reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!
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    Here are the links to my postings: Modern Purple Couch with Chaise Lounge and pull out bed Modern couch w/chaise lounge and pull out bed IKEA DESK IKEA DESK TABLE w 6 CHAIRS MODERN TABLE AND 6 CHAIRS Will accept reasonable offers.
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    The Sample Sales/Other Clothing Sales Thread!

    Clothing show tickets - free to tribe girls Hi Girls, I have access to CLOTHING SHOW tickets (May 14 & 15). If any girls want to go - let me know. I can get about 4-6 extra so first come first serve. PM me
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    Have another baby! You won't have to deal with the period..... hahahaha xo
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    Green 1st Gen iPod Mini 4 GB

    My Roomie is looking to buy a cheap one. Is it still avail? I'll send her the link.
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    "All you can eat" Sushi - Downtown

    Hey All, I'm looking for some suggestions on an ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi resto in the downtown core (close to ACC, since we're going to a show tonight). I don't eat downtown too often so I've come to you for help. Nothing too high end. Just a place we can grab decent sushi with an option...
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    Strip Clubs

    I agree. I've been to very few strip clubs, and the waiters at the male ones are just serving drinks. As long as there is no "touching" then I'd be ok with it. Though I don't think I'd be ok dating a guy who decided to go from waiter to dancer (I hear they get a lot of pressure).