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    Roni Size - Trust Me

    Brown Paper Bag and Trust Me was released on Talkin' Loud Label. I've been hearing the same thing so I hope it's true. There is no way I would spent $180 on a single vinyl =). That would be loco.
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    Roni Size - Trust Me

    What are you looking for? Platti J
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    Roni Size - Trust Me

    Does anyone have this track and is willing to part with? I'll gladly exchange any of my tracks for this tune. Also, I'm selling Bad Fellas - Sock It To Me (Dillinja RMX). Make an offer. Platti J plattij@hotmail.com
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    dj marky - lk

    Since you love LK so much, I think you would have enjoyed 'Barcelona' by Mindmachine & D'Kay. I've sent you that tune on ICQ last time you were on. Platti J
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    Films that BLOW YOUR MIND!

    Tom Best Movie evar! Platti J
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    Marky's Liquid Kitchen for sale.

    I'm willing to part with my promo copy of LK, either the original or Stamina's relick. Make me an offer. Platti J
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    Because I don't have any stable sources to leech'em from. Plus I like the covers. =P Platti J
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    It's a video cd.
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    Does anyone know any good places to buy VCD’s? Yesterday I visited Pacific Mall down in scarberia looking for some cool flicks. All I found was The Others and The One, although some sources say that they carry newer flicks but you have to ask for them. Do they require a special wink or a...
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    I am so Fricking Pissed off!

    I'm so sorry man. That must have been my used 1985 Hyundai Pony that gave you that dent. I guess I should have known that those 10 beers and 3 lines of coke would impair my driving just a bit. =( But hey, if it makes you feel better, one of the front wheels rolled off my pony while I was...
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    D&B Records For Sale

    I'm selling shitload of D&B records. Check out the list at http://members.rogers.com/rafalz/ Platti J
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    Soundclash @Docks

    Ok, Here is my review. First of all I just want to say that this was my first “rave” since WEMF three years ago, and I must add that the scene has really changed from what it’s use to be in the past. Ray Keith rocked by playing all those nice dubs that Toronto DJ’s lack off. It was truly...
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    Dj Store in Scarberia?

    Sometime ago someone mentioned a dj store in scarborough, can anyone give me more info about it? Platti J
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    Children's Books

    I know, and it only took 6 months. Here is another one to cheer you up. Platti J
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    Children's Books

    Platti J