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    Erick Morillo - The Guv - Sunday of May 2-4 (Victoria Day)

    if anyone needs a tix for tonight, we're selling an extra one for cheap. peep craigslist for the post, under tickets. my contact # is there. cheers.
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    The robocop krause @ kathedral this evening

    is anyone going? awesome german indie-punk band [COLOR="Gray"][/has anyone heard of them??[COLOR] :/ w/ korkator, werle & stankowski 8$ 7:30 N30-p[l]a+0
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    Jamie Lidell

    yay jamie liddle! this guys is crazy on stage, cant wait! :D n30-p[l]a+0
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    represent! whut? N30-p[l]a+0
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    Nobody cares.

    i have a show comming up soon and i still haven't figured out what the other 4 pieces of this 5 piece series will be... :(
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    all dressed up...

    the issue is not confidence. the issue is that my friends are currently not so well off financially as i am at the moment, so i want to do something fun that wont dent their wallets. jesus! N30-p[l]a+0
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    all dressed up...

    hmmm...maybe a boat cruise.... where's alice... N30-p[l]a+0
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    Most obscure music paraphernalia you own?

    ffrr ozone is like the holy grail. N30-p[l]a+0
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    all dressed up...

    what i mean by that is that drinks wont be over $15 each. N30-p[l]a+0
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    all dressed up...

    pavordii pasta? is that sicilian? N30-p[l]a+0
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    all dressed up...

    but nowhere to go. i have found myself in a situation where i own lots of awesome clothes, but i have nowhere to wear them too. :( usually when me and my friends go out, it's to normal settings (bars, restaurants, clubs) but never ones where people are expected to put more than the...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Ciara feat. M.I.A. - Goodies (Richard X Remix) hot. N30-p[l]a+0
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    Most obscure music paraphernalia you own?

    daft punk vs slum village picture disk kid koala's scratchcratchratchatch tape (he gave it to me) tons of collectible records (early underworld pre-dubnobass, orbital's original chime, stakker's humanoid, the creature, the real milli vanilli, sophie b hawkins, etc.) a LOVE NYC ringer...
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    Coldplay - X&Y

    i'm so sick of coldplay. everytime i turn on the tv, the radio, open a newspaper, etc. there's chris martin being hailed as a musical god. i dont like overly methodic emotional songs. they bore me. N30-p[l]a+0
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    For Those That Missed Nyx The First Time Around!!!!!

    i got addicted to this series when it came out. too bad that i knew it would be cancelled after i finished the first issue :( N30-p[l]a+0