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    Anyone seen Dennis?

    I knew Dennis too! He was a super nice guy, really fun. I believe that the amnesia story is true. Too bad...:( C
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    i'm moving to japan soon

    hey, i'm moving to osaka on october 8! i can't wait! :D
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    J Dub @ Element

    j-dub is the shit. he never disappoints. now i'm good to go... c :D
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    Vespa Scooter wanted

    the store is called Motoretta, and they have wicked clothes too!
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    Bamboo Q & A

    There's an article in Metro Today about the Bamboo. They have until October 31st to shut the club. Apparently they will be relocating in the Harbourfront complex of buildings on Queens Quay West. The new club will be called "Charlie's." :)
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    puppies for sale

    Re: puppies :) I'm moving to Japan in 2 weeks and it took me weeks and weeks to find homes for my cats. I'm heartboken over having to leave them! I totally understand what you're going through. I'm sure that if you'll find loving homes for them. There's absolutely adorable. :) Catherine
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    Y & R

    Totally! LOL!:D
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    Favorite Toronto Club

    hahahahaha... that's funny!
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    Favorite Toronto Club

    There's nothing like getting up on a Sunday morning to go to Church:D ... I miss the Zone...:(
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    How do you releave stress ???

    Boxing works for me!:)
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    d r e a m s

    sometimes these crazy dreams are so real that i'd much rather be dreaming then doing anything else... :) oh yeahhhhhh....:cool:
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    d r e a m s

    have you ever picked up a dream where you left off ? [/B] yes... but only if i go right back to sleep after i've had the first dream... like, i wake up then go back to sleep... kinda like chapters in a book...:eek:
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    d r e a m s

    i've been on the patch (nicotine) for the past couple of weeks. i've been having the craziest dreams... that i'm floating, flying, being chased... and the dreams are super real. they are so colourful and exciting that I wake up and want to go back to sleep because they're so much FUN...
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    What are you working towards?...

    I agree! He's my hero! David Suzuki is the reason why I studied Geography in school!