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    Slo-Mo House and stuff.

    Nice one!
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    do any of you DJs use digital DJ Record Pools?

    There are a couple solid house/techno digital dj pools out there. I've heard Jason Tyler and Angel Alanis talking about them. I'll grab the names and post.
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    SLOW HOUSE..? (err Swishahouse?)

    When NPR did that piece five years ago on South African clubs that were, basically, playing house pitched all the way down, I knew it was only a matter of time . . . I love it in the car, in my headphones, at a sunrise outdoor bbq afterhours, in a restaurant featuring bad-ass southern-style...
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    Deep, Dirty, Delicious House + Classics

    Where's the "like" button?
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    Deeno - new mix!

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    Brandon Patr!k :: aka The Freaky Afronaut :: Baby Sugar Honey :: Promo Mix

    3 cDecks + Cycloops = Baby Sugar Honey, a mix of all things tech: chunky, deep, rolling, and funky. As with all BP's studio mixes, there's a motif underneath the layers and the beats and the FX, a story being told. Tracks List: Blaze :: More Than Gold :: Nite Grooves Sonny Fodera :: You...
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    I've a Mini-10. It's a dream. I wish they would make it with a touch screen. I wanted the Adamo. But not at $2Gs.
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    FL Studio vs. Ableton Live

    All I can say is FL has come a long way. Anyone mentioned FL 3 years ago, they'd have been laughed off the board! ;)
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    looking for Oink invite

    All gone.
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    looking for Oink invite

    I have one What.cd invite. First come and all that.
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    quick star wars thing....

    What the fuck is an aluminum falcon?
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    quick star wars thing....

    yeha, i vowed never -- NEVER -- to buy any boxed-set Star Wars or even any separate DVDs until I was assured that they had the originals theatrical releases. i have no need for new and so-called improved versions. i like my star wars complete with Han Solo shooting first, humanoid Jabba (if...
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    quick star wars thing....

    still... when you consider the continuity issues of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS... well...