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    Hairdressing schools in & around the GTA

    donato's. my friend did it:) she's now a level 1 stylist.
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    Dealing with anxiety?

    ugh anxiety/panic. i have generalized anxiety disorder. been dealing with it since fall of 2002. it's been the worst thing i've ever gone through. i can't really elaborate on it right now as i need to go to bed. maybe tomorrow. but ya it's been hell and i'm still in hell. about to start a new...
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    The mohawk is done. okay?

    i believe longer hair is the in thing right now. styled longer hair that is.
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    Income tax question

    also the amount you get taxed on your paystubs may differ from year to year and most likely does.
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    BIG TINGS in 2005!

    something tells me that someone who says "big tings in 2005" isn't really lookin for culture. just a guess..
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    a farmer's going to set himself on fire at queenspark

    maybe a sign of canada not taking care of it's people or the provinces not taking care of their healthcare system?
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    The mohawk is done. okay?

    ya the faux hawk is so trashy looking i dunno why it ever became popular. it's like it's cool to look dirty :confused:
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    Breaking News: Bush almost burns down Whitehouse.

    Re: Re: Breaking News: Bush almost burns down Whitehouse. lol.
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    UN ad that the networks won't air

    definitely a great ad. really gets it's point across. unfortunate that no stations will air it. i could see canadian stations airing it possibly...
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    Sick off work.

    i take as much time off as i need for the worst symptoms to leave. going into work sick is rude as more than likely you're going to infect at least one other person. then the domino effect comes into play and everyone is calling in sick. so it benefits the company to give lots of time off if ur...
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    Teen Convicted Of Illegal Downloading

    u call that good taste in movies? that movie was horrid. the movement of the camera gave me nausea.
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    Search your Desktop with Google

    msn search but you have to download the msn toolbar as well. http://toolbar.msn.com
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    Mount St Helens is erupting

    it's been in an eruptive state since sept 2004.
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    Where to find Acupunctures (shoes) in Toronto?

    my acupunctures were the most comfy shoes i ever owned. and i've owned a lot of shoes:P they were blue/orange with rubbery spikes on the sides and back and they were from aldo of all places years ago. i miss em:(