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    Free Passes: American Hustle - 7:30pm - Dec 11 - Yonge/Dundas

    Hi guys, I've got 3 extra passes to see 'American Hustle' tomorrow night, Wednesday December 11th 2013, 7:30pm at Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas, 10 Dundas Street East. Each pass admits 2. The film isn't released until next week. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and I'll be back here at...
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    Trevor Wilkes & WestsideWax - Live @ Basement Therapy Sept 14, 2013 (Deep Everything)

    came outta the woodwork for this one... didn't bother to check out the track listing. Figured a 4 hour set would have plenty of gems. Heard Plez's 'Cant Stop' and came here to say thanks for putting this together! :)
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    SpeedyJ @ FW - Oct 27/12

    SpeedyFuckingJ! *rubs hands*
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    Joe Rogan @ clandestiny

    lol... this gig was hilarious. Iron Sheik showed up towards the end and laid a smack-down on all the jabronis with his 1971 greco-roman madness! He even beat the Iranian twins down with his walking stick before demanding Joe "Raygan" admit that UFC was faggy Hacksaw Jim Duggan compared to his...
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    I got a DnB feeling.... (holy fuck is this funny)

    7A4WmoVw6QU almost as funny as those Baptazia vids by Airloaf...
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    Carl Cox

    Cox delivered some serious fucking techno. I can go back to my hole for another 4 years or until SpeedyJ comes back and plays somewhere other than the gov.
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    Carl Cox

    I was told 40+ cabinets of TURBOSOUND thunder!
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    Carl Cox

    I've gone out maybe 3 times in the last 5+ years... but there's no way I'm missing Cox & Sneak!
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    MOV to MPG?

    Hi, I need to turn a 'mov' file into a 'mpg' file. The only problem is.. I don't have the actual file, just a link to a url where the mov exists. I basically need to get the video into a youtube video and have no clue where to start. Can anyone make some suggestions? recommendations...
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    Haiti: a disaster

    just got this email from my cousin... Oui je suis bien jai du evacuer ma maison durgence mais la tout les canadiens sont rassembles et on se tiens. La population locale commence a avoir faim et font du pillage un peu partout. jai dormi dans un camion pendant 2 nuits avec des collegues. La...
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    yes guy! you'll have to come by the new place in the new year for a visit! :)
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    He'd tell you to fuck off? wow... he must get frustrated knowing that he cannot provide you lineage of what he's selling. That must suck, having to sell a product that you know nothing about. But then again, if you have idiots lining up to pay for said product, what would you care? *shrugs* lol...
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    lol @ jai... worked up like a wind-up toy when I put <blue kush>. gee... you mean there IS a blue kush strain? NO WAY DOOD! also.. jai's comment: so please, i am not checking myself, my logic is actual logic, instead of the half baked machinations being spouted in this thread...
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    Pot/Marijuana Appreciation

    <blue kush>