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    Isaac S - Make It Hawt - Spring Tech House Mix

    love the mix, what's the name of the track that starts at the 32min mark?
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    FS: Hillside Festival (2 weekend passes)

    Last realization that we can't make it so we have two weekend passes for sale at face value, total $200 PM or email piero.brigneti (at) gmail.com
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    has anyone played Everyday Shooter here?
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    I'm looking into getting one, which one did you get?
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    DO IT. I don't think I'll be modding the PS3 either, atleast not until the warranty period is over. But i will explore the option to install another operating system (available without mods). As Yellow Dog Linux (http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/products/ydl/) grows i'm sure there will be...
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    Rogers HD cable

    I had the starter kit for the hd-pvr (free for 6months) when I bought my TV also. I just got off the phone with Rogers asking for a match to the bell deal. I got the free hd-pvr for 6 months offer extended to 2 years. I didn't negotiate about programming because I actually wanted to add to...
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    Afrika Bambaattaa

    that was awesome :) I wonder what surprises he'll have this time around...
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    Paul Van Dyk - November 24 @ Koolhaus

    i guess it is trance styles for me again. tickets purchased.
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    Soul, Funk, Latin House, Dancefloor Jazz - Splattermonkey - Ain't That A Groove 2!!

    thanks...now I can't get the "Spadina Bus" lyrics out of my head. Great mix though, i love it's funky goodness!
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    The Sound Republic + Justin Long

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    sounds good!
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    Liberty village bar suggestions.

    No Regrets is pretty cool: http://www.no-regrets.ca/
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    Nobody Cares...

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    Maaaaaark Faaaarina!!

    Yep it's been four weeks and i'm back in town now. I worked way too hard so this party is a must!