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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    What people forget. The police have two videos. There's way more to this story than the crack video. I'm hoping / guessing that there will charges soon in regards to the other video.
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    dj lee mac - leap - house music

    https://soundcloud.com/leemac/leap I'm pretty happy with the outcome of this latest mix. Starts off around 124bpm then ends near 129bpm. Mixed using the Pioneer DDJ-SX and a Macbook Pro. No sync, no editing, no tricks - just playing and mixing the music that I love. These tracks are from few...
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    Slow Mo House/Disco: Rich Hope - Slow Poke

    nice, will have a listen
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    dj lee mac - tek funk house music

    Mostly new tek and funky house tracks with a few classics near the end. PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts Stream or download it up. To download "Download Episode" bottom left technics1200 1. Style of Eye – Back Then(Zombie Disco Squad Edit) 2. Antonio Caballero – Joder (J Fader) 3. Funk...
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    To Do List In Toronto

    Origin Restaurant & Bar (Near St. Lawrence Market) has a really good brunch. Been a few times, more expensive but pretty good. THE PISTON BAR TORONTO is pretty good too. Good food and live music as well. And Pizzeria Libretto-Real Neapolitan Pizza in Toronto Never had a bad meal there. And...
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    Blue Jays 2013

    Ya I just saw that, about time! How a baseball game should be enjoyed. Will be nice to be at. I guess a lot of fans were on them pretty hard about it.
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    Blue Jays 2013

    So I decided to email the VP of building services at Rogers Centre and actually got a response, love the start of it. "I am not sure we know each other. However, the roof and this time of year is always a hot topic. We are currently testing as we have not officially opened for the season. We...
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    Blue Jays 2013

    Looks like Romero is starting Friday. Johnson is on the DL. Jays put Johnson on DL, recall Romero to start Friday
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2012-2013

    Tough game to watch last night. Bad luck when JVR hit the post then Bruins came back to score. Lupul and Kadri need to get going for sure asap. Too many horrible turnovers and they need to be more physical against Boston to have a chance.
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    Blue Jays 2013

    Going to the game tonight, ugh. Atleast it's Rock and Roll night to keep us entertained if shit gets out of control. Following the Rogers Centre on twitter and they're saying roof is being tested and won't be ready till late May early June, what a crock of shit. All week would have been...
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    Blue Jays 2013

    Nice win last night, what a moon shot by Edwin to the upper deck. Great defence by Lawrie on that double play. Been really impressed by Janssen, with his seventh save last night. Buehrle vs Bucholz tonight. Happ vs Dempster tomorrow. Need to go on a nice little streak now.
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    Blue Jays 2013

    Ouch... Stats show Jays have just 0.6-per-cent shot of making playoffs - The Globe and Mail "Toronto will need to go 81-55 over the rest of the season to get to 90 wins, the number generally thought necessary to have a shot at the postseason. That’s a winning clip of .596." Not out of...
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    Explosion Rocks Boston Marathon

    The problem in this whole situation is the mis-leading, false information that the media spreads. Hard to believe anything that's put out there. Below is a perfect example. This article is very contridictary to the bottom one, RE: This Misha fella....Mysteries Still Surround Accused Boston...
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    Blue Jays 2013

    Well last night I was yelling at the screen, what a stupid throwing error by Kawasaki. Force play at 2nd would have ended the inning instead loads the bases. They are now tied 5th in the league with 13 errors in 20 games, horrible defense! Not having Reyes in there really hurts that's for sure...
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    Blue Jays 2013

    "While nothing will be finalized until some point in Spring Training, it appears Maicer Izturis has the lead over Emilio Bonifacio to be the club's Opening Day starting second baseman" Blue Jays set rotation around No. 1 Dickey | bluejays.com: News