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    the wine appreciation thread

    just recieved a fucking sweet xmas gift from a friend this week. 1996 vinatge Penfolds St.Henri Shiraz. Penfolds is such a consistent Shiraz producer, id dare say my most favourite and i can't wait to crack this out over the holidays.
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    Our Favorite Recipes

    what style? i have a few.
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    motherload of mixes

    the Poland one. sick, hot tracks!
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    motherload of mixes

    this Jeff Samuel set is fucking hype! gotta bring this cat back to the city...soon!
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    motherload of mixes

    word up! thanks!
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    AUSTRIANS of tribe

    meh, that's the representation of whats good about austrian culture? the place looks like a birdclock and the women ain't that hot.
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    the keg is the centre of the universe

    most people who order blue steaks are fucking twits most of the time with something to prove and no palate. most good cuts of steak ie ribeye or strip shouldnt be eaten anyless than medium rare if you want to enjoy them properly. these cuts usually have good amount of marbling that benefits from...
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    the keg is the centre of the universe

    oh you're such a man.
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    kelly ripa

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    Nobody Cares...

    why do black people like sprite?
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    best album from 1995-present

    i dunno, there has been lots of great albums over the last 12 years but these ones stand out most as highwater marks for me. when i heard them i was blown away by either production, lyrics, concept or in most cases all 3.
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    Micky Slim @ Mod Club

    hahaha, nice backpedal dude. anyhwo, gay or not Mickey Slim is fucking cheese, as is Dj Dan or any other fucking bloated lame representation of dance music you qualify as underground. sure it may not be on jack fm or being played to thousands at the ACC but it still fucking sucks fat balls...
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    Not Another U.S. Shooting Spree Thread!

    Here We Go Again! OMAHA, Neb. - A man opened fire with a rifle at a busy Omaha department store Wednesday, killing eight people in an attack that made holiday shoppers run screaming through a mall and barricade themselves in dressing rooms. The young shooter, who left a note...
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    well then, you tell him that he has been making demi incorrectly for 30 years. i really don't care about your papers, i have my own and know they don't mean jack shit! bon appetit!
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