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    "yo fez raps" - hip hop weekly

    im not sure if the flyers are on the net, i picked one up on queen yesterday...
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    "yo fez raps" - hip hop weekly

    the new hip hop weekly @ fez batik is launching this thursday, ... im going to miss spin cycle, but Fathom is still a rotating resident at this night, along with Grade A, Grouch and Serious the flyer is fucking hilarios...its fez from that 70's show, on tupac's body... :D
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    Ryerson Valentines Party - Thursday Feb 17th - Fez Batik

    yet another thursday at Fez....but this one the FINAL fundraising event for Function Magazine... www.functionmagazine.com only $5 for a whole lot of sexy beats, and ryerson cats...
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    We Want the Funk 2 - Matisee & the Playground ++ - Thursday Jan 13

    anyone going to go to this... HOT RYERSON PEOPLE DAMMIT
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    We Want the Funk 2 - Matisee & the Playground ++ - Thursday Jan 13

    for any breakers...there will also be call outs throughout the night i believe...
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    We Want the Funk 2 - Matisee & the Playground ++ - Thursday Jan 13

    function magazine, ryersons image arts photography magazine is throwing a party on jan 13th at the el mocambo. all the proceeds go towards the production of function magazine 2005 once again... this one has Son of S.O.U.L, Matisee & the Playground, and more. + lots of breakers...
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    Ryerson Photographers/filmmakers/new media artist fundraiser - This thur. @ roxy blu

    oh shit! one more day...tomorrow, thursday is going to rock. what no arts supports in the house? ... well what about dj's nana of lovemovement, christopher thinn of hang the dj, or captain easychord of expensive shit. and i just found out that there is a live instalation performance...
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    Ryerson Photographers/filmmakers/new media artist fundraiser - This thur. @ roxy blu

    funcdraiser for this magazine : www.functionmagazine.com check out the video flyer at www.function.ryerson.ca/party if your down for some good music, good people, and supporting the arts community, check it out. i will be showing my support. the magazine needs to raise something like...
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    saul williams

    i hope to make it to this for sure...!!
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    function thurs. nov 25th @ roxy blu - video flyer kicks ass

    my school puts out a magazine every year, and to fundraise they throuw these parties... has nyone made it to a function party, they usually switch spots, the last i think was at andy ppolhall, and others have been at mod club, elmocambo, laval lounge, mockingbird, all over the place. good...
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    Halloween Theory Jam

    well i had a nice time. some nice shots from the tribe studio... i especialy like this one: http://www.tribemagazine.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=66&size=big&sort=1&cat=504 i also like the shot of army guys becuase the angel of the shot is a bit more intimate... Here are some...
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    OM 2004 Portrait series

    one bump for my boy. no replies...anyone in any of the shots?
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    OM 2004 Portrait series

    www.imagearts.ryerson.ca/ckothari/om2004 enjoy
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    Function @ Andy Pool Hall - this thursday - Ryerson

    hey... this party is around the corner... here is a picture from the last function event: anyone from ryerson here? the flyer is up at: www.ryanpaterson.com/function/form2.htm
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    ryerson 'arts student' jam @ Andy Pool Hall this thursday

    there is a party going down at andy pool hall this thursday with all proceeds from the event going to Function Magazine, the 80 page photography magazine that Ryersons Image Arts students put out each year. not sure if there are print flyers, but here is the web one...