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    Just wanted to thank this great thread for showing me a watch I actually wanted! After a few years of consideration I finally pulled the trigger on an IWC and couldn't be happier
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    Trump Presidency

    I don't anger easily but the people who ran with this Seth Rich thing really piss me off. Anyone reading this thread has had to endure months of certain blowhards calling out the sheep who eat up fake news etc. Well guess what, you've been peddling a story concocted by those in power to divert...
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    2017 Sci Fi movies - Big Year!

    man, the new Alien is getting panned... c'mon Ridley! Alien: Covenant Reviews & Ratings - IMDb
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    No tragically hip thread ??

    Neil Young
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    odd animated gifs V 2.0

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    Archer beats Tyrion in most popular baby names of 2015

    Reminds me of Cletus introducing his kids
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    RIP Gordie Howe

    RIP Woodrow
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    Vinyl making a comeback

    recently splurged on an amazing vinyl cabinet, can't wait for it to arrive KillscrowVinyl Cabinet
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    My Fucking Neighbour Has His Car Parked In The Laneway Again!

    weird, I'm just dealing with "shared" driveway issues on a house I just bought. In my case however, there was never an easement applied to the lane, meaning that each half of it is private property so legally speaking neither of us can drive on it. The neighbors have been using it for years to...
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    Dub House: Rich Hope - Dis be a Skank II

    hey man, I'll try to find them... stand by!
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    Technics sl-1200 turntable will return in 2016

    anyone tried the Pioneer PLX-1000? I've heard this one resembles the 1200 in build and feel, but who the fuck knows about durability price still steep at $900+ per
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    Technics sl-1200 turntable will return in 2016

    obscene, but I think that's for the limited edition that comes out first, which will be snapped up by rich nerds. The regular one won't be that much but it'll probably be stupid expensive too... bummer I also wanted to get the Rane MP2015 mixer, but that's 4 grand as well...
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    Technics sl-1200 turntable will return in 2016

    Yeah I'm inclined to agree, probably $900 each... The good news is that used models will probably go down in price again after this release
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    Technics sl-1200 turntable will return in 2016

    any guesses on price? I've been looking for a vintage pair online and the cost seems to have really soared, to my surprise If they're under $500 each I'd probably buy em but something tells me they'll be more