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    Best "budget" laptop

    I think Allison nailed it and if your girls mom can get rid of the bloatware on a cheap lappy then go for it, at sub $400 you can buy 6 laptops over the next 18 years and still not spend as much as I did on a laptop in 2004 that lasted me less than 2 years. Hit me up offline if you need any...
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    Traktor users, I could use a hand...

    Defo start with this. Get the sound card out of the mix entirely.
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    HELP: ethernet over power or some such term?

    Not quite, powerline adapters will work best on the same circuit, but will work almost as well on all circuits on the same breaker panel (as the largest step down transformer into the panel itself). Powerline adapters will also work, although with lots of errors across panels (for instance one...
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    Oddmyth - Cue 3 2013 - Devil's Advocate

    New quarter, new mix. I'm a bit late on the draw on this one but it's definitely a mix that takes me out of my comfort zone. Definitely techno with a lot more bite than I would usually bring to the table, head over to oddmyth.ca if you care to read some tidbits about the 5 w's of this mix...
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    @Will or anyone else thinking about Whedon shows. Go rewatch the first 5 episodes of any single one of those shows. Or almost any show in the first 5 episodes. The cast is always terrible that early on. Personally I think keeping the dialog style that is very akin to reading a comic book...
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    Professionally, we have our own repos and I usually just access via the CLI
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    It is happening to us too: Wireless firms agree to give Ottawa ability to monitor calls, phone data

    While I tend to agree with your proposal, I've read articles on security experts and information sensitive personel who do exactly this.
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    He's playing live so an hour is probably the best you could expect. Nevertheless, I will be coming out of my cave for this one. Very pumped.
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    It is happening to us too: Wireless firms agree to give Ottawa ability to monitor calls, phone data

    This reposting the news with no commentary bit is getting old and it's quite impolite to the source of the material. Perhaps we should just mirror Tribe content to some other site that isn't filled with large ads?
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    iPhone 5S has fingerprint scanner.

    The Atrix, it used the swipe your finger method. Nope, Touch ID can remember multiple fingerprints. Moreover, you can still use a password.
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    Hmm I wonder if they will integrate the console based Diablo 3 players with the PC based ones. That would be fun, I might spin that game back up and see what's going on.
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    microsoft's vision for room illumination

    This technology has the same problems as all 3d mapped project technology has. First and foremost every living room is different - they are all full of different objects with different reflectance properties. In the video MS choose a living room full of almost all matte objects with roughly...
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    Food poisoning at the CNE in Toronto

    I enjoy a high calorie meal once in a while but fuck me that's a lot of food to stuff in yer gullet in a single day. My arteries would collapse!
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    SEO conspiracy freaks, your day to shine is here

    100% Awesome. Definitely a necessity of proper SEO implementation. There should have always been a way to do this. Especially in this day and age where the meta conversation can make or break your page rank.