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    NuFroggie your box is full!

    source is correct!
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    High by association

    blowing glass silly...yee of little knowledge.
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    George Clinton to top off the night!
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    High by association

    Yep so now i am confused because I am a she, so who is this he character? This is now the official end of my rambling by association....:o
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    High by association

    So I have just picked up the fine art of getting high by association! I attend a school for Adventure and Ecotourism Management. The majority of the school are Glass Blowers, Sculpturists and other fun art stuff. So, tonight I got to join a glass blowing party in one of the cabins we...
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    What are your new years resolutions?

    Not to make New Years resolutions because I never keep them.... If one had to be said, Drink more, party more Hate life, Shame shame shame!
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    Destiny!! New Years!!!

    BREAKS ROOM wuz killa! Brantford boys were there to represent, and what about all those hotties! Best New Years Niki and I have rang in since...2005!
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    Why did George Clinton party.....

    at the docks get cancelled??? Does anyone have input on this. My friends and I were travelling from afar to celebrate this 50th anniversary. BLAH!
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    ~*...ecstacy? what's it feel like?...*~

    i used to describe it as sort of an out of body experience. Your friends close...your body so vibrant.... NOW If I choose to embark it is not the same. Not the same music, not the same vibe...depression..grownupism... You can never get it back.
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    Jelo @ Rev.

    HOLY. Man this guy can play a phat beat! I haven't seen the P-Room that pumpin in so long! This man can work a crowd! A people pleaser, soul searcher, crazy artistic and well shit I should be a musical consierge... tee hee. Once again his set was just simply UNREAL! Sorry you guys had...
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    What are you having for dinner?

    mussles, pollock, salad and home made bread.....CAN"T WAIT!!!
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    I would agree that Dagmar is by far one of the most challenging places to ride. I also love it....and have the stitches to prove it. If you want some hard climbs I would suggest going to Jasper, Alberta and climbing for two or more hours...now that is pure craziness!:eek:
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    There are certain entrances that get you past those sick pools of dirty, gross, stinky water! I think that happens because of all the motocross guys, but that's what showers are for I guess :D
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    You are right about the hydrocut....glasgow road. Killer trail! I rode today also! Has anyone ever done the training videos with coach Troy? I forget what they are called but have the whole series. Holy crap my legs are sore! It's the best indoor training workout you can get that's close...
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    I am diong the 24 hour summer solstice race this yeaar at Albion Hills. I'm ding it solo which is pretty crazy, but should be an adventure! Is anyone else doing that race this year??? Also if you want a wicked cross country trail to ride...you should do the hydrocut in Petersberg...