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    Saudi Rape *Victim* Sentenced to 90 Lashes

    No, a woman should not be placed in a cell with men because it is entirely predictable what those men will do. This is why her sex is relevant. In 99 out of 100 cases rape is a crime that men do to women. This is why women shouldn't be placed in prisons with them. If that offends your...
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    Girls and Sex

    I think what people are objecting to (or me at least) is not about a girl in the full bloom of development acting "in a sexual way," it is for said girl's sexual expression to consist of acting like a vapid and ever ready fuckbot in the service of the patriarchy. I would beg to differ that the...
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    Self defense course

    Dude, you keep this up and you are totally going to undo all that good you did backtracking from your last misogynist comment.
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    Calling all Runners

    I don't know, in my unscientific opinion I think there's pain, and then there's PAIN. One you can run through, one you have to stop. Like, on my long run yesterday I was totally suffering (mostly muscle fatigue), but it was just normal long run suffering. Then, later on that day while...
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    driver vs messenger

    Yeah totally, why can't they make intelligent comments like the ones here on Tribe?
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    the #1 cause of stress in your life is?

    So true, but so hard to remember! I find the things that give me the most stress aren't necessary the most important. For example, I stressed terribly while trying to arrange to have my student loans deferred, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't important and will eventually work...
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    Pandemic, who's getting their flu shot?

    I never thought I'd say this, but reading this thread has made me nostalgic for that special brand of paranoid news reporting you see in Canada whenever there's the slightest risk of something bad happening! It's such a strange feeling I had to share it. I hope bird flu doesn't come here...
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    a friday thread: girls, is tough still sexy?

    I've always been confused by this quote. Just who was it who raised every other generation since the dawn of time? Helpful leprachauns?
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    thai ingredient shopping in Toronto

    Thanks guys. Any particular stores though? I must be going to the wrong ones or going blind, because I've looked in both areas already. Granted when I shop I am usally rushing around after work 10 minutes before the stores close.
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    thai ingredient shopping in Toronto

    After forking out $12 for a terrible curry that was so greasy my guts almost exploded I've decided to start cooking Thai again. I lived in a different city when I was last into this kind of cooking, so I don't know where all the good markets are. So, for the cooks out there: Where do you...
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    WTF is with people!!!

    I've had this account since 2000 and I have fewer than half the number of posts you have. HUZZAH! Finally a contest I can win! :p Is there a prize? What could it be? Slow typing skills from lack of posting? Bitterness from not being able to get away with doing fun stuff at work? A cookie?
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    Law School advice

    That doesn't offend me, what offends me are those blasted free legal advice threads. You bitches be taking my money!
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    Law School advice

    Does going abroad matter? Potentially. Contact the law society in the jurisdiction you want to ultimately practice in and find out their requirements. In Ontario it's www.lsuc.on.ca. You will need to do some sort of accreditation in Canada before you can practice here if you study abroad...
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    tips on running a 10K

    If you're looking for some training plans you can find them on websites like runnersworld.com, and maybe coolrunning.com. I'm sure google can verify and identify others as well. The website for the race you're doing even had a sample training plan during its first year, although I haven't...
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    Children: just another marital asset?

    this isn't a matter of choosing not to go to Canadian courts. Our courts don't have jurisdiction over this matter. The rule that custody issues must be determined by the country of habitual residence is a rule of international law that has been implemented in Ontario in the Family Law Act...