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    At least lock the door!!!

    ussually, but not with her...my mom likes her a lot and my brother and her have been dating for over 3 years now... it's a mystery that none of us can solve... S.
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    At least lock the door!!!

    my mom is very weird about her rules... she always let me and my boyfriend sleep in the same bed at home since i was about 20... my brother is now 25 years old and every nigth she makes him drive his girlfriend home cuz she isn't allowed to stay over.. isn;t normally the other way...
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    yay! i can make it to banff in 45 minutes... it's great being so close and just going snowboarding for the day and back at home by 10:00 pm.... S.
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    flame me all you want, i like ashley simpson

    i dont think she looked that bad with blonde hair but i dont think the black hair works for her at all.... S.
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    Getting an e-mail sent back to you from years ago

    that just happened to me too...very weird.... i got an email from a friend talking about how i was moving and stuff like that.. it confused me because i moved over 2 years ago... then i looked at the date and it was dated two years earlier... i sent that email back to that friend and...
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    Flasks and their impact on modern society

    i used to do that to, but never anywhere where they searched me..well, except for wemf... have you gotten away with this at places where they search you? any tips? S.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    i miss summer! these are from climbing sulfur mountain in banff... me starting the hike waterfall along the way almost at the top banff and here's our new kitty! and our old kitty hanging out in her bucket... S.
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    The halloween costume pics thread

    teresa the pirate, me as the slutty nurse and jeff as ummm, jeff... brian as a sattelite (with a moustache) lisa as the paperbag princess martin as a suicide victim more sluttiness....grabbing my stuffed boobs yay for halloween parties!! Sharyn
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    Today's funniest T-shirt...

    my friend made me a shirt for my birthday that says "i'm a piece of meat" surprisingly everytime i wear it, i get comments from really old ladies who think it's soo "cute" S.
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    Britney Spears... Married...

    every single picture i have EVER seen of kevin he has been on the phone / cell phone.... weird... S.
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    How to make waiting for the bus/subway fun.

    i always do this too... it's great for when i sleep in (almost always) and don't have time to strecth at home... S.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    UK walking on the beach in Marazion, Cornwall Austin Powers car in Plymouth me pointing to the party beach in Newquey....every night at 2:00 am when the bars get out everybody flocks to this beach...there are litterally hundreds of people meeting and skinny dipping... most of the...
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    The Brutal Interview Thread

    i always wondered what is a good anwser to the question: "what do you think your worst quality is?" i always know that question is coming but freeze up and end up saying something tottaly rediculous... S.
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    best quote evAr

    "not only do fat people eat more than regular people but fat people also eat regular people" S.
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    666, The Beast. (move over Mel Gibson)

    that is fucked up.... wow..... S.