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    Nobody Cares...

    Should not be a question. Thailand -- culture / people / food / weather / work opportunities Bangkok is the only city I enjoy as much (or more) than Tokyo. On top of the greatness of Bangkok, you have island life nearby, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Brunei all within a 2h...
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    2015 - Year In Review !!!

    2015 Highlights: Work - Grew business. Hired new staff in Singapore office - Favourable geopolitics lead to decrease in crude oil price, increasing arbitrage and shipping demand on our Saudi Arabia / Japan route - Dealt with usual challenges and major typhoon in July, affecting schedule...
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Boxing Day afternoon drive, Singapore
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    Nobody Cares...

    ^^ it was the NW corner of Ossington and Queen until building was torn down to develop boutique condo about 3 years ago.
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    Finding a Job in Today's Market

    ^^ about 80% of the housing stock consists of multi-family apartment buildings [HDB] owned and managed by the government. These properties have racial quotas designed to force integration and mix income living. The remaining 18% consist of private condo developments and the last 2% are landed...
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    Finding a Job in Today's Market

    Saw your post djfear about visiting Singapore in the travel thread. Nice to hear you had a good time -- Singapore can also be disappointing depending on the experience. Cannot drive the car into Johor Bahru or anywhere in Malaysia without theft risk and voiding car insurance. We also pay 80k-...
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    Finding a Job in Today's Market

    Nice choice. GT3 is a fun ride ... It's interesting how destiny plays such a large part in life. Did you ever think you would have the chance to indulge in expensive toys? I am still guilt ridden by superficial indulgence. Problem is once you have a wife wrapped up in the socialite thing...
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    Finding a Job in Today's Market

    ^^ agreed. Life really opened up in my case after moving to Japan. Was able acquire multi-family properties during my time as a salaried employee in real estate development field. The passive income allowed me to be choosy finding a good fit in Japan as a gaijin with no language ability or...
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    Finding a Job in Today's Market

    Not sure what the deal is with having a degree or not. Personally believe it's more about ambition and a little bit of common sense than anything else. Certain professions aside [doctor, lawyer, professor etc] you should be able to succeed in your chosen path based on persistent efforts...
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    Eeeewww... Burning Man is buggy

    Went to Burning Man this year for the second time. First was in 2011. It was a truly humbling experience yet again and had a blast despite unbelievably harsh conditions. We camp as an independent group of 6. Crafted a team shade structure and survived the week in my little pup tent...
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    Great news for people with dirty asses and cling on problems

    Yes! I sail out of a club in Gamagori, Aichi. Japan offers some of the best sailing in the world... too bad most people associate only with Tokyo / temples / otaku / crazy toilet culture. The country has a lot more to offer, although the sailing in Singapore & Indonesia is also fantastic...
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    Great news for people with dirty asses and cling on problems

    Both toilets in my home have Washlets by Lixil w / "spray" and lifting lid etc. However average price in Japan for a complete system is about $3k for a decent model. One of my favourite things about the country tho...!!
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    Slumlord Millionaires?

    I know you are wrapped up living an Internet fantasy, but why not just be truthful with yourself. You will feel better about it in the long run. You ostensibly help the homeless, a very noble pursuit, however I worry if your motives are genuine.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Chalkboard art by students in Japan: