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    Congrats to Monika and Robb G!

    Congrats, guys! I'm glad M didn't have to suffer through too much of the hot weather!
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    And with the price of gas right now! A friend at work drove several people home tonight. My company is going to have to eat a lot of taxi chits this weekend. The poor cab drivers who have to deal with gas prices and this crazy timing for the strike. Jesus Murphy.
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    Hate du Jour

    I am hating on the TTC, too. As I biked down Queen from work right around midnight, I thought I could sense the enjoyment of the streetcar drivers as they switched their signs to "Out of Service".
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    I told a few people waiting for streetcars about the strike as I biked by but I don't think most of them believed me. I can't believe this timing.
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    TTC Strike: The Carpooling Thread

    LOL Do that and you know I'm not showing up on Monday. My company has actively sought carpooling triages since the strike talks were announced. HR also sent out an email today saying we could wear jeans during the strike.
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    My streetcar driver last night said the Queen car is back to normal after the fire but it'll be slow going through there for a while.
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    Blue balls

    I'd never heard of that term until today but I know it exists. If I haven't had sex in a while, when I see him, 'it' aches. I can feel my pubic bone.
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    You Don't Understand Our Audience

    Thanks for posting it. Choosing to run crime news because you're on before Law & Order? Christ.
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    Markham beer store closed until tomorrow

    Sorry, that should have read 'the Markham & Queen beer store'. I hopped off the streetcar after work this afternoon and was met with a locked door.
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    Markham beer store closed until tomorrow

    Just thought I'd post this in case some other tribers in the area were going to trek there for beer today. :(
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    When you see crackheads...

    A couple of years ago, a crackhead was freaking out on a little kid at the bus stop at Queen & Lansdowne. I intervened and the crackhead spit blood on me (from his sexy dried lips). The next time a friend of mine saw him, he "tuned him in". Ah, Parkdale. I don't care if the crackheads say...
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    Stupid things you did as a child, volume 3.

    ROFL I sense a theme . . . My sister & I convinced my four-year-old brother to drink our mother's Chanel No. 5.
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    the green party's useless candidates

    Don't forget hopping.
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    Robb G stood me up for lunch. I hope you're opening for this Rob Gee fellow. I'm sure he's nicer.
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    Britney Spears’ MTV VMA Shonkfest: The Video

    That's what Whoopi Goldberg just said on the View. I can understand wanting to leave the crazy life she has now so why doesn't she just buy an island in Fiji and be done with all the bullshit?