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    Banned and MIA Tribers

    I got consripted to the hardcore room...
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    Happy Birthday Kinger

    Happy Birthday Chris, like a wheel of Grana Padano you get better with age, and have a slight peppery undertone.
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    Any Freemasons on Tribe?

    All my brothers are masons, that is why they call it a brotherhood I guess.
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    Any Freemasons on Tribe?

    I heard that Kinger may be a mason...
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    Tbq 2008 !

    It was a relief that Heineken was such a well dispositioned dog, seeing as my son was brave/stupid enough to charge at him.
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    Tbq 2008 !

    Two pics of my little guy at TBQ.
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    Tbq 2008 !

    Sorry to all the people at TBQ with dogs that got pestered by my little son. For some reason he felt the need to remind everyone that the domesticated companion animal that was with them was a “doggy”, just in case they had forgotten.
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    Happy Birthday Nawberry

    I find that you can substitute bacon for chocolate chips in pretty much any baking recipe. Oatmeal Bacon-chip cookies are off the hook delicious.
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    Happy Birthday Nawberry

    A word of warning…It turns out that the widely held perception that you are allowed to trespass anywhere you choose on your birthday is pure myth, in Toronto at least…I am not sure about the States….. Or at least that is what my arresting officer of last night led me to believe. Hopefully...
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    Happy Birthday Nawberry

    Today has been great, I have been taking advantage of Birthday giveaways at various Toronto establishments. So far I have collected: 2 Free Bagels (poppyseed) from What A Bagel- one form each of the Bayview and Yonge Street locations A free game token at Chuck E Cheese- Which I used to...
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    Happy Birthday Nawberry

    That is nice to hear, and makes me feel better because Kinger always tells me that I am “really ugly”. I try to tell him it is what is inside that counts...but in my case my inside is also quite ugly. I thought it would make for a good birthday resolution to try and become a less ugly...
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    FS: Kelty Kids Adventure Child Carrier - $ 200

    Would this be able to handle to weight of a Sawyer? Does it have a baba holder?
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    F.S. Energy Pro 4.5 Floorstanding Speakers $150

    Just like the ones pictured, except no mesh cover on either speaker. Here is a bio: 2-way design with 2 - 5 1/2" injection molded woofer with rubber surrounds, 1 - 1" multi-laminated dome tweeter, non-resonant MDF baffle, Rigid Interloc braced cabinet, biampable, low turbulance venting...
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    F.S. Peavey (PV 260) Power Stereo Amp- $250

    Having a kid means less oppportunity to blast loud unbeatmathched music, hence this sale and speaker sale. Here is a bio from online: The PV 260 is the perfect amplifier for low to moderate power applications. At 2x130 Watts into 4 Ohms, it can push plenty of sound when it needs to, and...
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    Comfort Zone raided this morning...

    Comfort Zone Raided This Morning Thread Also Raided This Afternoon NEWS RELEASE- [ A “paradoxically unrelenting while lax” joint investigation involving various units across the Toronto Police Service culminated with a massive raid of a online thread, the first such occurrence in...