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    Public Relations/Corporate Communications programs

    Hiya Spence!! :D
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    Public Relations/Corporate Communications programs

    I agree to some degree on the soullessness of the PR industry, but that's mainly true about big corporations in general. The need for PR isn't limited only to these big corporations. Not every organization out there is evil and trying to manipulate you as part of their world domination plan...
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    can anybody link me to that new york hotels thread of a few weeks ago?

    Aw Patty, don't go to New York for May 24, come back to Australia!! :D ~LilMizMuf
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    Body Worlds 2- Science Centre

    I saw this exhibit when I was living in Taipei last year. Overall, it was pretty good, and I liked how they would slice people vertically and expand them. Funniest thing, I was behind this Taiwanese couple, who were looking at one of the displays where the guy's *ahem* "manhood" was very...
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    car insurance

    insurance is rated on a couple things 1) where you live 2)your driving record 3) what type of vehicle you drive 4) what type of coverages you have on your vehicle and the usage of the vehicle 5) how many drivers on your policy. insurance is totally based on postal code. it will affect...
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    car insurance

    the industry of evil i'm ashamed to be a member, but i'm employed by the evil industry of insurance. yes, that's right, i'm a government licensed insurance agent yeah, there have been a huge hike in premiums, and its totally unfair. however it isn't just the stock market issue. in fact, the...
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    hey, i just saw twiggy.

    Yah, I actually just moved to TO in May, after I graduated from Western. Now I'm living a responsible adult life. Well sort of. How's ottawa treating you nowadays? I'm noticing a huge amount of ottawa crew has moved to TO. Let me know next time you visit! and Pete. piss off:) your...
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    hey, i just saw twiggy.

    Hey Shannon, So are you moving to TO or are there just nine million sitings of you going on? I was almost convinced by serge to go to hatiras last thurs, but became lazy instead. btw, this is christine law, i worked with you at top of the world for a bit when you came back last year...
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    Mini-disc players

    I *heart* my MD player. It gives me hours and hours of excellent quality music, and yeah, you can record anything anywhere. I find future shops prices to be decent, and I usually make up some random store in Pacific Mall or China Town, and tell them that they're selling it for cheaper there...
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    Living at Queen and Spadina

    i'm sure living that close to chinatown.. you'll have plenty of angry asians to pick from! :p altho you won't find one who grrrs like me:)
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    Bon Voyage Slippery Pete :)!!

    hey pete, take care, sorry i missed you at the patio, but hey, i'm in ottawa. it was still good to be able to see you one last time at convocation tho. have a safe trip, and watch out for crazy asians. i hear they bite
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    Living at Queen and Spadina

    congrats lizzie! altho your last place was really nice, i'm sure this will be much more exciting, and you better not forget to invite me to your housewarming! :p
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    Living at Queen and Spadina

    Lizzardo! Get the place! You won't be so far from my new placce I've walked around your area at night before, and it seems pretty safe to me, as there are millions of people around all the time, so 4am in the morning is like being out at 9pm at night... And if you want to go to...
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    let's talk about shoes

    DC makes a nice black suede shoe... the manteca I love the Osiris Datz. It's the only Osiris shoe that I've ever seen that I really liked. That neoprene sock is so good.... Too bad Osiris tends to make crappy shoes that fall apart. I used to work in a skate shop and so many people would...
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    Room for rent downtown T.O.

    I'm still interested, sorry I can't let you know for sure yet. Hopefully by the end of this week I might know something... Christine