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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2014-15

    Wow , never thought I would be saying this but I actually kinda feel a bit sorry for these guys. It would suck having to play in this city. [ if you had the choice ]
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    Blue Jays 2015

    Melky to ChiSox. I will miss him. What's the scoop with Rasmus ??
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    The Detroit Lions

    injuries , injuries , injuries.........
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    Short Term Car Rental ?

    I just went thru the same hassle and got lucky with Lease-Busters. You have to check them every day but eventually you may find something that works. I only needed a vehicle for 3 months but then settled on a 5-month lease takeover. Its hit or miss but give it a shot.
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    Nfl 2014/2015

    LIONS D outscores PACKERS O. :)
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    Air Canada adds $25 checked bag fee for economy travel

    They just got me on that coming back from Miami but it was totally worth it because I got to watch 2 old episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati on their awesome in-flight entertainment system. On the other hand , it was a safe flight and my luggage made it.
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    Yellow jackets : they're going to be bad this year

    in our last drunken stupor , we came up with a plan to get a patent on a drone equipped with a can of raid that just buzzed around your back yard. might work.... :rolleyes:
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    The Killing of Michael Brown: Missouri Police Shooting of Unarmed Black Teen Sparks Days of Protests

    The John Oliver clip should be MANDATORY VIEWING for every American.
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    Shit of which i am totally sick

    the Trivago commercial , over and over and over again.... painful
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    Malaysian Airlines Crash - The Sequel

    and to think I was feeling pretty bummed that Johnny Winters had passed away in Switzerland and the day couldn't get much worse...... damn:(
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2014-15

    no one of any relevance really wants to play in this city.......
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    Nfl 2014/2015

    the regular season schedule is OUT. Giants vs Lions opener on Monday nite.
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    Nfl 2014/2015

    wrong again , according to the Buffalo News, with how the trust is set up there is no immediate threat of the Bills going anywhere........
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    Nfl 2014/2015

    business as usual in Detroit with Ford Jr still in charge but interesting to see what happens in Buffalo now with respect to possible relocation. no more celebrating a TD with a goal-post dunk , they killed that and I HATE Thursday nite football , always have , always will. Sunday and...
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    The Detroit Lions

    Now watching closely who he brings in with him. Lions under Schwartz could never adjust at half time. Never. Hope Caldwell brings some people over that know the game. Fingers crossed on this one , but right now , I kinda like the hire. Time will tell.