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    late n dipppppy

    sunday yo. pool and dope beatz? letssssssssssssssssssssssssss go!
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    can you dig it?

    Dave PZ aka Peas Glasgow, Britain UK. Davepz's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Hear the world Loopity Goofs Loopity Goofs's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world Sean Roman / Dick Diamonds seanroman's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world Dick Diamonds's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world...
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    some really dope biz. best present is HEAT! https://soundcloud.com/alexaugello/alex-augello-all-inclusive-ep
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    What (house) are you listening to?

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    Follow Tribers On Soundcloud

    turn that shit up!! http://www.soundcloud.com/stayliftedteedot
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    dope video from outlook about dub.

    and soundsystem culture. serious vibration. 6cNBXurdIuo
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    big up all the househeads.

    maximum bOooOoOOOSt! :)
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    Anhanguera is a BEAST. This set is pure fiya!!!! https://soundcloud.com/anhanguera/anhanguera-june-mix
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    -----> sampled 11 year !

    Ok, so for real. This is gonna be heat. Dirty fu@k!n housemuzik. WORD. https://soundcloud.com/hodgizz/love-the-d-border-patrol-chuck :) WoOoooOOO!
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    andy riley.

    sooooon come. lets get it craccccccccccckin! :) https://soundcloud.com/inland-knights/andy-riley-live-korova-san
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    Hector Moralez this weekend!

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    --==*The Official Set Posting Thread*==--

    V Podcasts are pure heat too! This one ft the Darren J!! http://soundcloud.com/vrecords/v-recordings-podcast-010 01 // Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound [Ram] 02 // DRS Feat. Lenzman Jehst, & Riya - Holding On [Soul:R] 03 // S.P.Y Feat. Jo-s - Future Tense [Hospital] 04 // Level 2 - Finding...
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    --==*The Official Set Posting Thread*==--

    Been on this one a lot .... http://soundcloud.com/vrecords/savage-rehab-planet-v-mix Savage Rehab Planet V Mix (toasted by Gigante) TRACKLIST 1. BIG, BAD & SAVAGE 2. DJ CHAP - MIDNIGHT LOVE ft IRREAN JOYCE (DRAMATIC & DBAUDIO REMIX) INNA STREETS EP - LIQUID V 3. ED RUSH & OPTICAL -...
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    The Youtube Thread: House Room Edition

    Kate Simko... Go on then.. MASSIVE CHUNE! qBUaLpaKMgU