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    Tribe Spotting Ver 2.0

    Vinder in a pink and white shirt & brown pants on his cell phone Friday night by the Skydome! I screamed your name, but you were either paying attention to your call, ignoring me or both. ;)
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    The Incredible Hulk

    Haha did you see any of the drivers vans?? "Sam & Ella's Fish" ect... :D
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    The Incredible Hulk

    This movie was one of our biggest accounts at work. I ate, slept and lived the hulk for maybe 6 months last year. I didn't even know who Hulk was until last year. Now this year if I see one more Hulk anything, I'm going to turn green with anger!
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    Thickening your blood.. TATTOO QUESTION

    Are you on any meds that might be thinning your blood? Also, ibuprofen does not help either!! I have heard the jello theory before. I am going to lots for the next two weeks and see if it helps. I'm getting a huge piece on my hip/ ribs at the end of the month. :(/ :)
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    The Youtube thread

    I caught this on video yesterday!! :O We were at High Park standing around trying to figure out where we were going to go next. Then this crazy goose comes up to us and started to hiss and flapping his wings getting super angry. We thought it was funny at first, but then he started to jab his...
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    Now that "The Simsons" no longers sucks. . . I present "NEW SUNDAY SIMPSONS THREAD"

    Topher sounds life "taffy". Mmmm Taffy...
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    Vatican says aliens could exist

    Jesus came from aliens. They were responsible for impregnating Mary.
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    So Apparently Around Hamilton Im Considered A Serbian Criminal Gangster.

    This thread makes ME look normal. :eek:
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    Things You Want to Know About Other Cultures...

    Cockney accents are the worst! I don't even know how it counts as English. In high school I worked a couple of summers at my grandparents place as a receptionist. I could not understand half the people I spoke to that had normal British accents... let alone the really thick accents. It...
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    Captive woman had at least 6 children by father - WTF

    What is wrong with people? When people ask me what I am afraid of most in life (aside from things like spiders or fire) I would have to say the one thing I am really scared of is loosing my freedom. I can't imagine a life where someone has absolute control of my mine. What a horrible, nasty...
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    Cheap House Paint??

    Remember you get what you pay for. 14$ paint is pretty much panther piss in any situation.
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    Cheap House Paint??

    Go with Para. Good bang for your buck.
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    Cool baby name suggestions:

    My sister was pregnant last year, and my nephew was four at the time. He wanted to name his (soon to be) baby sister 'Scissors'. My sister never went with it. She ended up with the name Anastasia (Ana). Too bad, I thought Scissors was actually pretty cool. :p
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    So how much does size matter...really?

    What was the post? What did I miss? :confused: