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Recent content by miss mariss

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    best greek food in toronto?

    Spoil yourself with Pantheon. Pricey. Worth every penny.
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    Nobody Cares...

    And the worst part is that it got me back on this stupid board.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Poor Syntax Error. <3 Mean Alex D
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    happy birthday syntax error!

    Happy 30th SE! See you in Vegas bitch!
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    Copyright board OKs levy on iPods, MP3 players

    You are welcome to do research on this subject as all of this information is made completely public. Check out the websites for the CPCC or SOCAN. In fact the CPCC made a public announcement recently that they have distributed over $100,000,000 to Canadian artists since the beginning of their...
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    Copyright board OKs levy on iPods, MP3 players

    The CPCC is a not for profit organization that does not ever take money from artists. Actually the money collected from these levies are redistributed to Canadian artists.
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    Death predictin' kitty!

    "I am afraid your family member may die in the next few hours." "How do you know?" "The cat told us."
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    Indian food delivery around the east?

    Kama Sutra delivers. You would probably have to pay a delivery fee for your neighbourhood. But OH GAWD is that incredible food!
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    A little wayback playback ...

    That was so bad that my computer froze. That's right my computer refused to play it.
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    how many voicemails to you get at work daily?

    Unless there isn't any coffee left.
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    Recommend a Foundation!

    I can't believe no one recommended Prescriptives! Their business is built on foundation. Yes their foundation is an investment but it's worth it! They even do custom blended foundation for those who do not have easy to match skin tones.
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    happy birthday Syntax Error!

    Happy Birthday! **Smooch**
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    LF: Administrative Position

    I am currently looking for a new career opportunity! I would ideally like to join the business world with an Administrative focus. I have a few years experience as a Receptionist for an office in Toronto General Hospital as well as being very computer literate. I have a very professional...
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    Wanted: Naked men for my bachelorette party

    Yes I am engaged to Tony. My name is Marissa (miss mariss?). Thank you for the suggestion Sunny! Would you rather come to the bachelor party or the bachelorette party? ;)
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    Wanted: Naked men for my bachelorette party

    Are there any strip clubs in Toronto that feature naked men? I only know where to see women strip. Any suggestions?