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    LF: 1 bedroom condo Toronto downtown

    In case someone here is renting a property or has a friend or friend of a friend of a friend renting a condo and can send me a referral....... :) I am looking for a 1 bedroom condo for RENT in the Downtown core in a new/newer building. Also need 1 underground parking space. Some areas of...
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    Niagara on the Lake

    irish harp = nice pub prince of wales (escabeshe) = nice restaurant a b&b, pillar & post = nice stay
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    Must Sell Fast - 2005 Pontiac Grand Am - Low KMs!!

    * 4 door white, 83,000km * V6 automatic transmission * Power windows, seats, locks, mirrors, trunk release * Keyless entry & trunk release * Cruise Control, Tilt steering wheel * AM/FM/CD * A/C * Fog lights, Rear defrost * New all-season tires * Non-smoker...
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    DJ Sneak - For the Ladies mix (Feb 2009)

    for those having problems dl'ing: www./?d=DSMRCG3O
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    rickyryan @ MOBFESTIVAL PROMO MIXES [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]

    i'm still have the dec08 flavor in my playlist. thanks for continuing to post these!
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    LF: cheap used cell phone

    thanks a lot. i was near one when i read this post so i went and picked up a sony ericsson for 35$... thread closed! =)
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    LF: cheap used cell phone

    Hi, I'm looking for a cheap cell phone. Unlocked/Rogers network capable, with slot for SIM card. Those are my only requirements; I don't care about fancy features, as long as phone/txt works. I'm looking to spend about 50$ + shipping. I found a few on ebay that i'm tracking (40$+shipping)...
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    LF: 2 Coldplay tickets, either date...

    they're not playing a toronto show, are they? there are tickets available online for the Ottawa show on the 20th.
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    For those who have backpacked abroad before....

    I booked most of mine through www.hostels.com and yes, before we left Canada.... though we knew exactly what days we wanted to be where. Even if you don't book ahead you'll probably find a bed available (we ran into lots of people like that), but at least scope out where they are and which ones...
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    How About a PET Picture Thread!!

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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    please do! i am planning a trip there and very interested to see
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    nice view! where did you guys stay? (resort & city)
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    I get high........

    .....with a little help from my friends!
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    what bar, looks cool
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    I can't believe how much I relied on Demonoid (eBooks/audioBooks)

    i'm looking for ITIL v3 in e-book. any help?