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    Beastie Boys Hotline

    J.A.R. No kidding. It’s your crime family. Vietnamese Slip. The Slip. No overlap. Keep keeping Toronto forward? Have you seen the temperance lately? Have you heard about the murder? Take English Literature. There’s more than one kinda of Marshall. JAR! It will be hotter than Jager! I am...
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    Chubs Punch and Pie

    I'm still looking for a copy of Chubs Punch and Pie from Circa 2004-05 for my safe and safety deposit box. Also, Trevor, please tell me you have all those Saunderson/Atkins tapes from the Docks still. Even if they're not up on your volumunous, catalogued approaching Ivy League Library...
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    Sunday Mix Session by Trevor Wilkes [Hour-Techno] 3:22

    Long time no talk. Thanks for this. I enjoyed. Is there a way I can dl this a put it on a phone so I can bring it to the gym. I loathe how fragmented things are these days. right click, save as with an ipad was much easier times. I always had techno. best thing I can do is start over, and...
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    No Fee Bank Accounts?

    That's how its done.
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    No Fee Bank Accounts?

    Cash is King
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    Seminal Albums

    Ha. Oops! Caught it at the last minute and couldn't figure out how to edit. Derived from semen. Awesome.
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    Seminal Albums

    Ten years. Where does time go? I can't believe its been ten years since the release of Arcade Fire - Funeral. Introduced to them through TRIBE's own Punch and Pie, I was listening to that mix in my head for the 10 000th time and I thought of those Neighborhood tracks. Ten years. Wow.
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    Footwork has closed

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    Footwork has closed

    Now THAT's appropriate!
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    Footwork has closed

    2006 was awesome
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    Footwork has closed

    Tragic Do young people "get it"? Do young people listen to techno anymore?
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    nothing, which sucks, of course neckpen
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    I am the thread ender!

    pickles Illegally protesting ice cream
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    Nobody Cares...

    People that do stupid things for no good reason should end up bound and gagged with shotguns in their mouths in the trunks of cars.