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Recent content by Mike Richards

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    FS Mint Pioneer EFX-500

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    Rane/Serato announces the new SL3

    Absolutely they are still supporting the SL1. Its not discontinued.
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    FS Mint Pioneer EFX-500

    $500 obo PM me if you're interested!
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    Rane/Serato announces the new SL3

    There's gonna be a crap load of pissed off SL users in about 1 month. All this wait and all that money for something that still can't do everything its counterpart can. Serato's website even says pointblank that there is no 'upgrade option' as far as credits for trading in your SL1
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    Need help with a computer Problem

    I have some Mac formatted discs that I need to access with a PC. Can anyone recommend a utility that will allow this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Some cuts with that please...

    2nd Place!:)
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    what label is James brown on?

    Scottie Bros. I think
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    What was your favourite anthem circa 96-99?

    (Just About) Everything from Hooj circa late 90s
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    derrick carter vs. mark farina!!!

    Watch out for Dave Armstrong in July!!! Tim I'll give the details later.
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    happy birthday mr. coleridge

    Happy B-Day Dood!!!
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    Any PS2 Online Gamers in here???

    Yeah Socom2 is good but I'm on FF11. I don't think it can ever be finished!! (if you like RPGs)
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    Happy Bday Orin at System!

    This city definately needs more Orins Happy BDay!!!
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    Does a DJ coming from the US need a work permit?

    Criminal records are definately a serious strike against ya.
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    ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's the best place?

    Re: not for their ice cream but for their fro-yo Agreed!!
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    Outkast's indian performance during the grammys

    Please move to politics