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    anyone working on new remixes lately?
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    Realm 01 Studio - Remixes and Originals-seeking rap vocalist

    What’s up Tribe community members! I'm looking for rap artists who are interested in laying down some vocals on some tracks that I had created and remixed. Since I do not have any vocalist recorded yet, I had to layer the tracks with acappella's just so I can feel the track. Artist vocal...
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    "In da Studio" with Jay & his side kick "Father" MiGzzz featuring special guests.

    Every Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8:00pm Eastern Standard time (Toronto), Realm 01 Studio records a live one hour independent pod cast called "In da Studio" with Jay & his side kick "Father" MiGzzz featuring special guests. This independent new music broadcast features its own artist...
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    Best disco DJs in T.O?

    Charlie B. Way back in the days at Heavens...(Yonge and Bloor) late 70's to mid 80's. Let's see who can remember them days?
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    What the F$#@! Is it true that torontobreaks.com website is relaunching again? technics1200 :eek:
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    Anyone looking for some free web hosting for dev purposes?

    I have bandwidth and web server space to share for development purposes only. If any of you tribers are looking for space to host your website, let me know. Always willing to help a triber out. PM me. Peace. MiGzzz :D
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    I Love Cameltoes

    yes...but my photos are better :D It's a true Cameltoe experience.
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    I Love Cameltoes

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    I Love Cameltoes

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    website content filtering/website tracking software recommendation:

    I'm looking for an affordable website content filtering/website tracking application that is Windows 2003 server compatiable. Anyone have a recommendation of such product? Thanks inadvance. MiGzzz
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    R.I.P. Montmartre

    R.I.P. Sorry to hear about your lost :(
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    batch resizing photo's

    mir.net MIR.net brilliant program! trust me :) http://www.multipleimageresizer.net/download/light/setup.exe
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    wanted: real estate lawyer downtown

    I'm dealing with him right now for my wife and I closing of the house we just purchased... Closing date: June 28th 2007. Yeeeppppppeee!!! :D He has been pretty good up to now... We'll see when we close :) Mr James A. Laks Firm: Laks, Kocovski Address: 303-717 Pape Ave. Toronto...
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    Cocaine Cowboys

    It was on this past "PRIDE" weekend (The documentary channel)... Awesome flick! Very different!
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    The Sopranos - Final Episodes

    I need a confirmation on a certain scene... HELP!!! Ok.. When SILVIO DANTE was taking out by PHIL LEOTARDO guys... I'm not sure if I saw Strippers and a Priest witnessing his murder in front of the Tony’s and Silvio’s strip joint? If so... what a brilliant touch to that particular...