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    Alleged 1980's hash dealer to run for leadership of Ontario PC party

    I live in Washington DC, and while Marion Barry doesn't enjoy the city-wide support he once did, he is very popular in his ward and gets re-elected. Though given his age, there's some talk of him paving the way for his son to run for city councilor in his place. I don't really know that...
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    US Residents having surgery in Canada?

    Recommend getting it done in latin america. he'll be able to find very good surgeons and the latest equipment... Even with the plane ticket, it should cost significantly less. Sucks that he doesn't have insurance.
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    US Immigration question for a Visitor

    There's nothing wrong with you being British and saying you are going to a trade show. Foreigners attend trade shows in vegas all the time.
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    Apple's New iPhone unvieled

    Activated my iPhone 4 today. While I'm sure that video conferencing on phones has been available in Japan for a long time (and you probably don't even need wifi for it), I have to say that FaceTime is cool. I felt like I'd stepped into the future as I was watching my brother walk all over his...
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    What is the best shaving soap? Shaving oil?

    Taylor of Old Bond street makes good shaving soaps and creams. i use their cream and love it..
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    a close shave

    @deep: i have the exact same razor. merkur classic.. nice! @alexd: very nice!!! now as far as blades are concerned - different brands work differently for different people. my preferred blade may not be as good for you as it is for me.. you can buy blades cheaply on the internet - check...
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    a close shave

    if you want a close shave at a decent price invest in a double edge safety razor and some blades. you can find a safety razor online for 20-65$ and razor blades for around 30$ per 100. beats the hell out of paying for mach 3 replacement blades. you don't need to go crazy and invest in a nice...
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    U.S. House passes historic health-care reform

    for us canadians it's extremely difficult to relate to why this was "such a big deal" and "so hard to do". one thing we don't think about too much (unless we've spent extended periods of time in the US) is how ingrained two things are in the american psyche - 1) individual freedom and 2)...
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    Nobody Cares...

    should be nice after all the storms in the northeast over the last week i just paid a team of 6 mexicans 20 bucks to dig my car out of the snow.
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    Traveling and Studying in the US, no visa required.

    You do not need to get a visa ahead of time but you do need to enter into the US in F-1 student status. You can get F1 status at the border with the proper documentation shown to the border person. Check this out for Columbia.. Important Information for Canadian Students your wife might...
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    Nobody Cares...

    they look very wholesome
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    Lol GOP is playing hard ball

    LOL :) i didn't mean to make it come off like that. it's interesting - i don't talk about politics much with my coworkers because you never know who stands for what and it's a very divisive subject to broach. but canada has these types of people too - outside of the cities. the difference is...
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    Lol GOP is playing hard ball

    i work with a lot of them.. church going, small town republicans. they're mostly nice people, they just don't know or care too much about what happens in the rest of the world. then again... most countries have people with these characteristics.
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    Nobody Cares...

    atta boy! doing our name justice. you have to teach him from an early age how to handle girls :D
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    Nobody Cares...

    rod you miss me!! i know you do. how's little miguel?????????? :) :) it was also cool to be here when barack got elected / inaugurated. i hadn't posted on tribe in a while.