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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    totally happy with our meal there. great service, beautiful ingredients. one of my fav dishes was this dashi broth with a rice cake type thing and tempura shrimp. i loved the crunch of the rice cake and the broth was great. the tuna belly was butter and the best i've ever had. the wagyu...
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    great, thanks!
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    Sushi Kaji FINALLY hitting up Sushi Kaji tonight. Can anyone comment on the attire? Is it pretty fancy?
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    The Mom Thread

    going to miss Kevin on this board and just thought i'd pop in here to say that i miss all of you mamas. we used to have a good thing going here. it's sad that we've moved on - although i know we have Facebook, it's just not the same. we've had many ups and downs in here to be sure...
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    Perseid meteor shower

    but oh so pretty when you're not in the line of fire.
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    THE biggest Blue Jays fan probably known to man. And the ONLY Eagles fan that i personally have known. I've known the family for probably 15 years and was shocked to read Sarah's message this morning. I do not have words for this. So much sadness. I'm so sorry. RIP Kevin. We've lost one of...
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    Entertainment Lawyer story

    thanks for posting. he was my old bosses lawyer back in the day :)
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    The what are you reading thread?

    I'm almost finished this book. It's hilarious
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    What are you having for dinner?

    Crock pot saag paneer & homemade Achari aloo rolled into a chickpea roti. Can you tell I live in little India?!?
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    Chaunsa Mangos

    PEOPLE, It's time. saw small boxes at Kohinoor two days ago. they open at 10AM. i'm going to get a box. woooot.
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    Finally watched Spotlight. Fantastic. I found they built suspense & tension quite well. Loved Mark Ruffalo in it. And Liev Schreiber & Michael Keaton were also terrific.
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    yeah, they do corkage. we just figured we probably wouldn't finish a bottle and didn't want to waste it so had a bunch of cocktails instead. This was what was included in the tasting menu (in no particular order) BRUSSEL SPROUTS, scotch bonnet vinegar, cauliflower cheese, fried onion THE...
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    someone talked up Rasa so that was the ultimate destination. super fun - went for The Experience tasting menu (7 courses). so.much.food. the bottle has been saved for a later date - most likely a steak dinner at the cottage where we can really savour it in peace & quiet.
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    thanks for all of the recommendations and the discussion on wine / corkage. excellent insight Jay. nice to see that Tribe still can be useful!