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    Sketchy rave/EDM "medics".....

    The rave scene has a new scourge. I affectingly refer to them as "sketch medics"…. You may have seen them. You may know them. Some of you already roll your eyes when they walk into the room. One thing is for certain… These are the LAST people you want anywhere near you or anyone you care about...
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    Wemf 2008

    I didn't put it here... moved by admins it would seem. Not really sure where it belongs but it's info we want out there. Looking forward to WEMF 2008! :)
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    Wemf 2008

    Message from the veteran WEMF Medical Responder Team! (Please pass it on!) WEMF preparations: Checkout other people’s “what to bring lists” – Everyone has a few different suggestions and you can fine tune it to your needs. Make sure you include some warm clothing because it can get cool...
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    Destiny @ the Docks

    Re: I better post this before I forget... I was one of the medics for this event and attended to her. She had a seizure but made a full recovery in our care. The only real risk was before arrived because she vomited while unconscious and it was blocking her airway. Standard first aid for...
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    Harvest Festival Not Cancelled

    We're booked for this event! We had a great time last year and are looking forward to checking out the new venue. See you there! ------------ Adam :D Blood startin' to spill? Feelin' ill? Messed up on a pill? or just need to chill? We're there... Emergency Medical Responders -...
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    The most stupid thing you've heard a person say...

    This occurred during initial discussions about providing a medical response team for a large event. One of the volunteers that was there was rather intent on everything I was saying. Then... Me: "We have dealt with all kinds of incidents over the past 3-4 years of doing this. Vehicle...
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    - W E M F -

    We're ready! Final preparations and arrangements have been made. Please remember: - Water: Keep yourself and friends hydrated. Water/Gatorade. Drink slow but steady. - Food: Feed yourself properly! Make sure you have the energy foods you need for burning all those calories! - Alcohol...
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    FunHaus (Zen) contact Actually the contact is usually Dom at Big Bop (both venues are linked) I get booked at both places for certain events. The phone number is 416-504-6699 Adam
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    From the Medics: Our pet peeve!

    Re: Re: From the Medics: Our pet peeve! hehehe Yes you may... Just remember to put "AdamTM" at the end... hehehe ---------- Adam ;)
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    From the Medics: Our pet peeve!

    The venting did help thanks... Sarcasm is all I have other than physical violence... I think it's better that way :D I hope it didn't sound like a thankless job because believe me it isn't. We do get a lot of support from people and for the most part feel very appreciated. Every now and...
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    From the Medics: Our pet peeve!

    From the Medics: Our pet peeve! I’ve covered this one a couple of times so you can imagine my surprise when people who SHOULD know better did it anyway at a party on Saturday night… Unsolicited advice from what we like to call “members of the C.C.B.P.” (Canadian College of Bystander...
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    FS: 53cm LOOK KG281 road racing bike

    I was a bike store manager in the UK and here for nearly 12 years. Raced pro (yes paid!) in the UK for 3 years with Fisher MTBs and can tell you that bikes like this don't get locked up anywhere.... ever.... unless you are desperate to lose them... You ride a POS in the city and for winter...
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    FS: 53cm LOOK KG281 road racing bike

    Thanks! Yes it is! It needs a good home... Not sure that this is a good venue to sell it but it's already on several racing specific sites. Who knows, there might be an aspiring road rider or triathlete on here somewhere! ----------- Adam :)
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    FS: 53cm LOOK KG281 road racing bike

    LOOK KG281 complete bike 53cm FRAME: Look KG281 53cm (Blue/black) 54 tt FORK: Look HSC2 all carbon H/SET: Selcoff cartridge bearing STEM: TTT Mutant 9cm BARS: TTT Morph 42cm S/POST: U.S.E. Alien carbon SEAT: Selle Italia Flite Max Trans Am TAPE: Cork TIRES: Vittoria Corsa CX Tubular. RIMS...
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    *** Destiny - Valentine's Day ***

    Anyone who knows the Destiny crew and in particular Jesse (Originalvibe) will testify to the fact that they pick cheezy things for fun. It's all a Joke! A play on what's going on at the time. I mean look at these: "Ravers gone wild" with pictures of girls like Amber from Numb clothing...