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Recent content by mdr83

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    FS: Xone:62, CDJ-800 MK1s, EFX-500, Conectiv

    Just an update: For the Xone:62 and pair of CDJ-800s only: $1200
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    FS: Xone:62, CDJ-800 MK1s, EFX-500, Conectiv

    Wtf mon, never posting from iPhone again lol
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    FS: Xone:62, CDJ-800 MK1s, EFX-500, Conectiv

    IamsellingmyDJgeartoraisesomecashforamove.Allequipmentwasboughtnewwithinthelastfiveyears,onlyeverusedathomeinanon-smokingenvironment. 1xAllen&HeathXone:62Mixer($800) 2xPioneerCDJ-800MK1Decks($400each) 1xPioneerEFX-500($250) 1xM-AudioConectivw/TimecodeCDs($200)...
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    3 GA (floor) tickets for Nine Inch Nails, 11/14 @ Copps Coliseum

    I have three general admission (floor) tickets for Nine Inch Nails tomorrow at Copps Coliseum, looking to sell for $70 each or $200 for all three. If interested, please email me at alba.vila00@gmail.com (no PMs please!)
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    FS: BNIB Apple iPod Nano 4GB - $180

    I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro from the Apple Education Store and received this iPod "free" (after rebate). Since I already have a video iPod and nobody I know is looking for a Nano I've decided to sell it. My asking price is $180 FIRM, which is approximately $80 less than what you would...
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    FS: XBOX System w/ 2 Controllers, 5 Games, DVD remote - $120

    I'm moving out at the end of the month and am trying to unload a few things. Up for sale is my XBOX system: The games are Halo 1 and 2, NHL 2004, Rallisport Challenge 2, and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Everything is in excellent condition, comes with two controllers (one black, one...
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    CompTIA A+ and Network+ ProMetric Exam Vouchers (Exp. Aug 26)

    I was planning on writing the exams for these certifications this summer but have been hella busy the last couple of months and don't think I will be ready in time. Up for sale: 2 CompTIA A+® Prometric Vouchers, Expiration August. 26, 2006 Paid $170 each, asking $115 each/$200 for the pair...
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    FS: 1GB DDR2 PC2-4200 SO-DIMM, 256MB CF Card, other stuff..

    I have a few things that I've bought in the last month or two but I am looking to unload.. I have no real use for them so might as well make some extra cash. Item #1: OCZ 1GB DDR2 PC2-4200 SO-DIMM memory module Bought new from TigerDirect earlier this week, still stealed in original...
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    FS: Evolution MK-249C2 Keyboard

    One last bump and then it's off to eBay.. Make an offer! :D
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    FS: Evolution MK-249C2 Keyboard

    Still available..
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    FS: Evolution MK-249C2 Keyboard

    Would like to sell this ASAP.. Now asking $125, PM or e-mail me at mdr83 at rogers dot com if interested.