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    Just an OldSkool Breakbeats Set

    wow.. I haven't posted here in ages but I thought about tribe today because this mix I'm sharing is that oldskool Mixcloud < -click me to listen :) Also for those who use twitch to listen to music? You can follow me here: I am dj_MartyMcFly I own this battery powered dJ controller and...
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    dj MartyMcFly (all original tracks)

    https://soundcloud.com/martymcflythedj/dj-marty-mcfly-all-original-tracks I dropped only my own tracks into this mini mix. tribe fun fact.. I sang a little on every track. 1) Breaker Mommas (release date is June2016 ) 2) Break the night away...
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    breaky covers

    I was the opening dJ last night and rather than play the faster breaks I usually do, I played breaks that suited the timeslot. I've always loved this folder which I got from Dj Czech and warmed up the night using those tracks. It was the perfect music to warm up the night. I recorded it and you...
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    Oldskool Vinyl breaks from 1994 - 2008.

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    Oldskool Vinyl breaks from 1994 - 2008.

    This was recorded last boxing day 2015. There were few scratches on a couple of the records, but this is still a fun set to listen to and was a memorable night. Thanks for listening, Marty marty-mcfly-live-vinyl-vs-digital-35
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    Xmas Breaks - the youtube recordings

    During the Xmas break I hosted a jam and streamed it from the club. This is that recording. Its 3 hours of break beats featuring 4 djs. Farsbie Funk , myself , dj fuzz boy and dj Nokturnal. Enjoy. Next show is my birthday jam in March N66r_AoVqjQ
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    My breaky dJ set @evolvefestival

    Thanks Sal.. tribes changed a lot and I haven't grown with the changes. I probably should post this in the dJ mixes section.. but back in the day this was my breaker forum..and I'm not use to posting anywhere else. Thanks to everyone who checked it out and if you liked it? share the link and...
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    My breaky dJ set @evolvefestival

    Hey Tribers, Back in July 2015 I dJing at the Evolve music festival. My set was recorded and some promo video was created. https://soundcloud.com/breaks-to-the-future/evolve2015 ScvuSsOUDt0 soundcloud has the better audio downloadable link. this is my own cloud link: 100Mb @...
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    Happy Birthday D-monic!!!!

    Did some time traveling today.... Happy Birthday to you in 2015 Dan.
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    FS : Zwave Home Automation security-package $270

    Still available if anyone's interested. The main reason for wanting to get rid of it is because my wife monitors shit at her work and she didn't feel comfortable with a device in our home that monitored us.... so I said we'll just take the loss and get rid of it. If dropping it a couple extra...
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    my newest breaks

    wow... thanks to anyone/everyone who took the time to order my new release. I'm in the top 100 of beatport <3
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    FS : Zwave Home Automation security-package $270

    Hello. I just bought this item off tigerdirect about a month ago. I wanted to try and pimp out my place a little, but I have decided to sell it before I expand too much. Selling it for $270 as TigerDirect is still selling it new for $370 after the rebate. Thanks.. you can PM me on tribe...
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    The best Slow cooker recipes

    Alex... Im sure theres lot of other sites.. i use this one exclusively cuz I like that I can adjust to serving sizes. This is my favorite dish and yes its also pulled pork. PIGs FTW Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork Recipe - Allrecipes.com
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    my newest breaks

    This is my newest production and the Incredible Melting Man did the remixing. You can order it off that Beatport website https://soundcloud.com/getaway-recordings/marty-mcfly-summer-break-original-mix-getaway-recordings-out-1120-on-beatport?in=getaway-recordings/sets/dj-marty-mcfly-summer-break
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    Breaks To The Future on @NSBradio

    Recorded my June 15, 2014 breaks to the future podcast and have uploaded it to mixcloud. Click this link to listen : Breaks to the Future : MartyMcFlythedJ by martymcflythedj | Mixcloud