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    The Mom Thread

    not wanting your child's cognitive development hampered vs. not wanting your child's fingerprints used or abused by...?? you, not psycho. that parent needs to be medicated to chill the fuck out.
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    The Mom Thread

    i have a 6' snow bank on my lawn. :/ yay mcbee! such great news for bb girl #2! things are going well on my end. Melodie gained a whole pound in 20 days, which is something. she's hitting her developmental milestones so i'm back to not being worried. Matteo is awesome. he told me the...
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    My sister is missing.

    Shared. My heart goes out to you and yours.
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    The Mom Thread

    So the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children nurse came over last week and weighed Melodie who just turned 8 months. From our bathroom scale, I thought she was hitting the 12 lbs mark, but she weighed in at 10 lbs, 5 oz. No where near the curve of where she should be in weight or height. Her head's...
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    The Mom Thread

    Mel is really tame -- she doesn't bust out much. Found a bumbo someone is willing to lend me, gonna buy a tray and try it out. Thanks for reassuring me re: weight gain! A "Healthy Babies, Healthy Children" nurse should be coming by in the next couple weeks. Eager for that.
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    The Mom Thread

    ug motherhood. my girl is so awesome, but she's not gaining weight very fast (she's barely 12 pounds and was born at 5lbs 9oz, over 7 months ago). she's nursing great, and i haven't started her on solids yet because when I did she got hella constipated. i'm going to try again this week...
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    Ontario Teachers salary = grosse $162k?

    i really hate that "privacy" bullshit. i want to help the kids in my child's class. i know how hard parenting can be, but those parents must be messed. ndrwrld, please have a discussion with your daughter about how this Batibat needs kindness and support, even though she may mean and scary...
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    Career Change

    Interesting stuff y'all. I've had a weird go on the job front. I studied graphic design and learned really fast that being creative on someone else's payroll can suck HUGE. I'd worked on contract for the government and went back because the cash was great. Eventually I got a permanent...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    thanks ladies! i'm very much in the "destiny" camp. it's funny though, i never really believed in marriage -- it was really because he couldn't come to this country otherwise, and we wouldn't even have had a shot at dating if we hadn't married. and you're right, divorce isn't what it used to be...
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    so i think i'm done trying to convince myself that my marriage is going to work, or that i have the energy to keep it alive. going to the homestead with the kidlets to think this through.
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    SHERLOCK the TV show

    the production in 3.3 was amazing. some of the shots were downright gorgeous. i was really hoping that Watson would be the one to kill the crazy fucker instead of Sherlock.
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    The Mom Thread

    my mom was there for the first birth and not able to be there for the second, and i'm sort of glad. she and my husband don't really get along and i wouldn't have wanted the stress. your sister probably doesn't feel up to defending her choice. your mom will have tons to do once the baby is...
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    Vote for my smokehouse please!!!

    done and done!
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    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    amazing job lobo!! looks great!!! i have a question regarding blinds. i inherited shear drapes and poofy bedroom shade covers and they are hideous. what's the latest for bedroom and living rooms? kinda looking at blinds à la blindstogo for either wood for the living room or blackout cellular...
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    2013 where THAT happened

    moved to Sudbury. had another baby. so that happened. had an amazing work (half) year. bought a house. teaching my husband and son to skate (did that today, which is technically 2013!) Hopefully next year is interesting professionally -- i need to find a gig in Sudbury!!!