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    Vodka, Rye, Port and Scotch

    There's also the belvedere:
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    Men's Fashion Blog

    What hours are they open for, and do they take visa/debit?
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    Guys (and hairy girls) what is your favorite razor?

    http://www.menessentials.com/oxid.php/sid/6cb4e101338f67bd92e2499678c5183b/cl/alist/cnid/e5e40abcdd7e2ac71.38090619 There's a bunch of vids on youtube by mantic59 that should get you started with the wet shaving instructions. Wetshave FTW!
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    Broken Stones

    The link/site doesn't seem to work anymore, can you tell me the details?
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    [[...snowboarding 2007/2008...]]

    Anyone ever boarded in Italian Dolomites? Are there any companies in Toronto that organize trips there?
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    We Need A Guys Stuff Forum!

    http://www.menessentials.com/oxid.php/cl/details/cnid/aca4448deae328aa2.53667878/anid/21a4683d437bba045.08634337 And if you order now, you get a buck off!
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    The official vehicular advice thread

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    FS: D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless Gaming Router

    I've got a D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless Gaming Router for sale, with the original box, cables, manual etc. $80 If interested, PM or e-mail @ marcinn [at] gmail [dot] com For more info: http://www.d-linkshop.ca/products.php?PID=140
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    Relocating within Canada

    Wrong. Budget did it when I worked for them, mind you, it was more expensive than their regular trucks, and you have to book it well in advance.
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    Seeing how we're on the topic, which shoes/pedals would you guys recommend for XC?
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    Problem with my DVD Drive...

    I should also mention that it is my laptops drive which was working fine before.. But thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a try..
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    Problem with my DVD Drive...

    I'm having weird issues with my dvd drive. I can to read and burn DVDs fine but can't do neither with CDs. Anyone had that issue before? Any idea what to do to fix it?
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    VW Reliability

    This guy disagrees: On the topic of VW, I got a 98 golf, will get rid of it sometime this year, and no, I'm gonna get another Vdub.
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    LF: Demonoid invite

    Check yer PMs.
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    LF: Demonoid invite

    Most likely, I'm at work right now and the site is blocked, so I will check in the morning..