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    Bill Murray appreciation

    Sorry for returning to the original subject, but one movie that I think gets totally overlooked is "Larger Than Life." Who else could play the straight man to an elephant? Genius!
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    Just want to say hello. Hello.
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    Don't Fight Grandpa!

    yeee oooooh.
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    home tonight? anyone anyone?

    I went back to school and stuff. Since I don't work at an office anymore and I'm not sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day, I don't post on Tribe that much! I still read it occasionally though! PS, I'm staying home tonight too!
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    home tonight? anyone anyone?

    this seems like a pm kinda thing. PS I'm watching LiLo on SNL right now
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    home tonight? anyone anyone?

    I think I'm past the "getting" stage. But you're still in your prime. I guess you're still home because you're just boring.;)
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    home tonight? anyone anyone?

    wow. vinder, robin, lucy and kmac and me all staying home on a Sat. night. What are the chances of that? We must be getting old.
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    Nobody cares.

    jo, check your pms
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    Happy Birthday Baby! Where's the party?
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    Team Insomniac

    I understand you hate bush and his cronnies, and we're all disappointed they were voted back in, but we need to have some respect when human lives are lost. anyway, i don't want to be serious now, i'm going back to huffing glue!;)
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    Team Insomniac

    wow, i'm touched by your compassion. 22 families will be getting bodies home for christmas. double snap for that.
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    Team Insomniac

    you really should stop huffing glue.:p
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    "One Last Bang" - System Soundbar

    Thanks to everyone who ever came out to a Bang Saturday at System. Even though Mark and I haven't been there the last few months, it's really hard to see it go. 240 Saturdays in a row, and between Mark and I we were at the first 230! The night meant alot to us, and we're pretty proud of what...
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    Trailer Park Boys is a really funny show.

    haha, ricky's trying to sell dope in church.:D
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    Team Insomniac

    really? i'll pm her then. i'm just starting, but the more i learn, th more i realise how important it is.