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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Looks to be a NSX photoshop..........hopes it is not though! I miss flogging the S2000 around the track (and track like roads)
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    Any tent camping around Grand Bend?

    For restaurants check out Paddingtons, Smackwater Jacks, or Purdy's (for fish and chips)
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    Trek GoBug Trailer (2 seat)

    My Twin girls (4 year olds) still fit in this and love it but I doubt I will want to be hauling them around in the spring. This trailer has a trunk at the back for groceries etc (I have put their run bikes in there and taken them to trails to ride when it is too far for them). We are...
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    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    Sad news. I have seen similar battles with cancer (brain tumor, and pacreatic) and both beat the odds are alive and kicking. I hope the same comes true for Kenny. Its tough but it can be done! All the best Lurch
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Thanks Fillmore, I am looking at used though, CLA's would be hard to find used (or new for that matter). the 2-3 yr old acuras drop in price but then level out similar to the Honda. I just like having more toys and space then the accord. I looked at the Merc's but servicing might be an issue...
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    My neighbour had the white F-Type Coupe R, it has the best sounding street exhuast ever. The Carbon Ceramic disc option was nice to look at but a bit overkill. I tried it out but it was a surprisingly tight fit. I am looking to trade my accord in soon, looking at the new style accord 14/15 or...
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    GOOD Sangria recipes!

    Have'nt tried this yet but this thread reminded me of this:
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    Looking for a good place to get a ROTI

    I have eaten alot of Roti in my life. I had the best ever last week at Soulyve in Orangeville. Great food in general but that Jerk Chicken Roti was THE BEST.
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    The Travel Thread

    Close! I will miss you by about a week! Where are you staying?
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    The Travel Thread

    Great spot! Love it there. This will be our fourth year going to SJDS and the house (inlaws) will be finished being built in August! I drop the family off next week and then join them in March for a few weeks.
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    My restaurant made the top 10 restaurants on DineTO

    Congrats Mark! Now you just need to open a video game store ;)
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    The "Made in Canada" thread

    Used to be made in China but they brought it back to where it was designed! All made in Canada now :)
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    Drunk History on Comedy Central

    Fantastic show, been watching on Hulu. When the storyteller pukes....priceless.
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    Fall Motorcycle Thread

    True, if I had the money or less kids, I would be riding that bike right now!! BTW the bike was always stored in underground parking when not being riden
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    Fall Motorcycle Thread

    My brother is selling his 2001 CBR F4i It is in excellent condition and was never abused (see the ad for comedic details) 2001 Honda CBR600F4i - Red & Black - under 27k km $4100 27K $4100