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    FS - DJ setup + road case (CDJ 1000mk2 x2, A&H Xone92)

    I'd be open to it in a few weeks if the whole thing doesn't sell. My whole reasoning for not parting out was the difficulty of selling the case on its own.
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    FS - DJ setup + road case (CDJ 1000mk2 x2, A&H Xone92)

    Selling for $2900 firm. Available for inspection and Toronto pickup. All items are in excellent, fully working condition and come with all pertinent cables. Everything is housed in a custom coffin case. Reason for selling is that I've relocated to Europe and don't need it there. I will not...
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    tiesto to replace digweed on kiss 100

    Not quite... Nothing but a rumour. Likely started on GU which is hardly the 'source'.
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    DJ Mag Top 100

    Gracias mi amigos... Brad, it's on the next single...vocoded in reverse.
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    DJ Mag Top 100

    ^SimonSJN is completely right. Year after year, more and more people are finding out about this list and more and more people are voting. Which in turn means that the more popular genres like hard house and trance are going to get the majority of votes. There are a hell of a lot more trance fans...
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    FAO: Gizmo, Suke, fleaflo

    http://www.bayoubhangra.com/ Quick heads-up: Stole this poster off the wall of the club in Houston I was at last night. Mint condition. Bidding will commence upon arrival in Toronto. I will do my best to ensure it's safe passage into Canada tomorrow. As you were. Luke
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    9/11 screening

    All Moore is trying to do is to bring points forward that Americans never see, in the simplist way possible. I think he's doing a great job even though half the time he comes off as a buffoon. If a 2 hour 'cut and paste' job is what it takes, so be it. There's a lot more to see than what is seen...
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    Demi & Miller @ Boa

    Yeah the strings are wicked...I was convinced it was Howells' own production for the longest time, then I started thinking it might be DJ Gregory.
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    Demi & Miller @ Boa

    Yoooo Demi! Wutup gangsta?? Matt...it's T & F vs. Moltosugo - Are You Doing It With Me and it was Howells' edit. I finally got the full version and it's pretty crazy. Has some huge disco strings... Luke
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    Mr. Luke Fair...

    Yo...I'm pretty sure it's 12-4. If you want g-list action, pm me your name and I'll put your down... See ya! Luke
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    Mr. Luke Fair...

    Yo! It's www.thecollectiveagency.com. If you are in Chicago this weekend though, I'm playing at Spundae on Saturday... See ya... Luke
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    props to Mr. Fair

    HAHAHA Thanks all!! However, just to clear the air, Hilary Duff and I are still friends...
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    Delta Heavy (Miami Preview)

    Thanks everyone!!! Don't know the exact deal yet for the fall (dates...etc) but I'll be sure to post when I find out....
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    International Event Listings

    Wicked site covering everything in KL, Singapore, Jakarta and a bit of Bali with lots of upcoming listings...if you can make it to Zouk in Singapore, do it...one of the most amazing clubs in the world. Soundsystem is unbelievable and the owner collects paintings and even has some original...
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    A final chart thread for 2003

    I haven't been a too keen on the last few Agoria mixes...the Senor Coconut mix was the last one I liked...disappointing for me because he's done one of my top 3 records of the new decade so far, "anni mari". which I think I'm going to start playing again... rough top 5 Mylo - Paris 400...