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Recent content by Lovely N Amazin

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    Nobody Cares...

    canonized /= shot out of a cannon ;)
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    alex woolfenden essential mix (august 19th)
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    They tased him, bro!

    that quote is wrong, she said "the Iraq".
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    Engagement without a ring???

    hehe i remember concluding a spiel to my then-bf with "... but if you really want to buy me one, i won't refuse" :o
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    Please correct my French essay? it's only one page!

    do you know that's how it's spelled in french or are you just trying to be a jerk?
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    Pixar's WALL-E

    i finally saw ratatouille and i was underwhelmed. even monsters inc was a better movie!
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    Law & Order returns! (season 18 starts january 2nd)

    mccoy was the DA in a recent law and order: svu episode so he's replaced fred thomson who's in the running to become the republican candidate for the presidency.
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    Foie Gras. love it or hate it....

    sean john? LOL
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    Sport Anthems

    jock jams all the way
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    Things to do in BEIJING

    36 hours in beijing: http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/12/09/travel/09hours.html?ref=travel
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    Robert Latimer Denied Day Parole for Lack of Contrition

    i don't think it's too far of a stretch considering the parole board has to evaluate likeliness of re-offending.
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    Nobody Cares Girly Edition

    mine started doing that with the subject line when she realized i don't open any of the stupid forwards she sends my way and she often included messages along with them.
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    holy fuck did dexter get on my nerves. he should stick to rationalizing who he is in his inner dialogue.
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    Hoax Bomb and Videos of Bombing of the ROM

    so ... anything can be art?? by that logic, anything can be food, science, love... and by that logic, i mean shitty logic.