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Recent content by lou kang

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    I suppose if you are a burgerologist this is what you'd take into the jungle

    maybe. it was confused looking. but i ate the shit out of it, now its genetic line is gone forever.
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    I suppose if you are a burgerologist this is what you'd take into the jungle

    Just got back from eating a burger. Pub style in appearance and demeanor...Leafy undercarriage with pungent oniony middle. Timid behavioural pattern, just kind of sat on the white diner-style plate.
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    I suppose if you are a burgerologist this is what you'd take into the jungle

    love the wild kingdom narrative style, the passion shines through
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    Bestest night @ 99 EVAR!!!

    mdma quite possibly the gayest review ever. ;)
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    New Tax free savings account

    I'm in same boat - if you're not saving for something specific or as a contigency fund, this is the account you want to try to hit a home run in. (and not pay tax on gains).
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    Douchebag York West Councillor shutting down a great club :(

    meathead looks like fuckin fred flintstone. RIP VCs bar and grill lol
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    16 year-old girl strangled to death by father

    LOL nice life, kid
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    FS in Vancouver - 2000 Honda Civic SE - 100K, $7500 OBO

    This car is in perfect running order with 101,500 Km. Excellent condition - body is clean, no rust and interior just detailed. This car is fantastic on gas. "Champagne" paintjob - a kind of beige color. 4 Cylinder 1.6 L Engine Automatic transmission Recent emissions and safety tests...
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    niagara falls recommendations

    make sure you go to the Sundowner for brunch, just a quick hop out of town
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    Happy - Rat Infested - Seven - Late night delights

    cans of cold tea to go!
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    huge stock market slide, just the beginning ?

    dick machine
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    ghosts are here !!!!!!

    the ghost is emerging from between the girls' legs. what you have there is a birthing. an eerie reminder of mother nature's power. i'm calling Peter Venkman as I type.
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    Black people schools

    what will they call their rugby team, the "All Blacks?"??:confused:
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    100 greatest quotes from Christian Fundamentalist chatrooms

    Is it because I have a cabbage for a head?
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    **Terry Mullan**

    it is time lou-ded