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    BLADERUNNER 2049 Reviews

    There are a few shorts on youtube from the company which gives some background as to what happened after the original ended.
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    HDTV buying help

    I'm assuming you're watching content with HDR, right? What's the wow factor so far? Was it the same as when we went from SD to HD?
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    A Game of Thrones: OMG!!! George RR Martin's fantasy set for HBO!!!

    One of the Sand Snakes wanted/needed to be killed off cause she couldn't commit to the series anymore. 'Game of Thrones': Sand Snake Actress on That Brutal Episode ending
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    Shows worth watching?

    Yeah I did. Really enjoyed and good to know that they are having a second season.
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    The Defenders trailer is out.
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    Shows worth watching?

    Never watched Broadchurch but I'm only a few episodes in so far. I think I'm more hooked now with all the players being fleshed out now and trying to determine who did what.
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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    I just saw this come across my FB feed and immediately wondered if this was the same Sarah and Kevin. http://thenewfamily.com/2017/03/podcast-episode-130-widowed-41-accidental-overdose/ Lobo
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    Shows worth watching?

    13 Reasons Why on Netflix is supposed to be pretty good. Just watched the first two and it's managed to catch my interest.
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    Who here is a Network Admin/Engineer?

    I guess I fall under the network engineer / architecture category. Been doing that line of work for over 15 years now and still enjoy it although the landscape is definitely changing. I'll backup what Lojack said about CCIEs as a lot of them are either overrated or are a paper CCIE in that...
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    religion. what is it good for. like seriously

    Maybe it depends on the religion and the person. I think that some people *do* need some kind of spirituality in their lives and religion can accommodate that. I don't see the harm in it being in the world so long as its peaceful and doesn't interfere with others' lives. I'm sure the old...
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    Shows worth watching?

    Yeah the Expanse was been pretty awesome so far this season. Almost every episode has had some good holy shit moments. :) @janiecakes depends on how comfortable you are with the kid seeing blood and sex scenes. There have been some pretty gruesome deaths and the people becoming infected on...
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    Telus charges dude $24,000 for 8gb of data? WTF!!?

    I got onto the Public Mobile plan in November...$120 for 90 days and you have 12GB to play with as you please. Works out to about $40/month at 4GB. Practically half the price I was paying Rogers for their 5GB plan. Lobo
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    Telus charges dude $24,000 for 8gb of data? WTF!!?

    I think you can even just take out the SIM card and pop it into another phone and you still have access to the same plan. Lobo
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    Full Iron Fist trailer is out. Lobo
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    The new board software...

    Try looking at redflagdeals.com in the forums. Lobo