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    I'm a huge fan of FP Journe. Ironically, I thought they were fugly when I first saw them years ago and pple were crazy over them. Just 2 years or so ago, I strapped one on my wrist and that was it. Smitten. Resonance Chronometre Souverain Ruthenium Chronograph I am dreaming...
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    Fabric 37: Steve Bug

    I have been living in a shithole for a while now and I finally got my ass out of it, at least for now, and somehow stumbled upon this at local recordstore. Holy shizzzat!!!! I am BLOWN AWAY by this Fabric release!!! Mad selection of tunes mixed at the right places, I can almost imagine myself in...
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    FS: 2 x Technics 1200 MK2 & DJM 500

    2 x Black Technics 1200 MK2 for Sale - Used for 2.5 yrs + - Excellent Condition ( No Scratches or whatsoever: One of turntable's pop-up light not working. ) - Used only at home. - Comes with clear plastic protective cover over the turntables. No hinges. - No carts. Asking $750 for the...
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    Christmas this year is going to be shitty.... guess I'm not that lucky afterall

    I was having a really bad flu and it bloody sucks. Yesterday I felt like my skull was gonna split open. My temp measured 39.9 degrees celsius. :mad: My vision was all effed up. Fever has now subsided. Lucky for me cos I have a gig to catch @ Fluid tonite. Just hope I don't collapse half way thru...
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    some articles in eye and now

    Great articles. We have a bunch of talented producers here in Canada, often overlooked by many but appreciated by others on the other side of the pond. Experiencing Deadbeat's live PA was a unforgettable moment for me, same goes to Mike Shannon who had whole room rockin' to his beats. Too bad...
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    Solution @ System Dec 19th

    Excited to play tonite along with Matt & Steve. Filthy beats it shall be....tonite!
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    the official Matthew Dear appreciation thread

    You might be refering to the new single 'Dog Days' perhaps... with a Pantytec remix on the flip.
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    the official Matthew Dear appreciation thread

    Picked up the album. Some good stuff on there, except for 'Dog Days'. Pretty annoying.
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    ***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP

    Thanks Kev! :) Lack shelfing Unit is sold. The rest are still available....
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    Proton Radio Pres. 'Q:uarks' | Aaron K | Tues 12pm EST

    9 Dec | Proton Radio Pres. 'Q:uarks' | Steve Mack | 12pm EST 'Q:uarks' presents Steve Mack on www.protonradio.com Date: 9th Dec 2003 (Tuesday) Time: 12-2pm EST More Info: http://www.protonradio.com/show.php?action=bio&bioid=355&showid=85 This week's show, we welcome one of Toronto's...
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    ***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP

    PANASONIC GAOO 28" TV up for sale. Not actual photo. But looks very similiar to this one. Asking Price: $650, bought for CAD$1100 plus Tax. Less than 2 yrs old. There is some scratch marks at top right corner of TV. If you wanna view it personally, please email me. :)
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    ***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP

    Yes channi, the LACK Shelfing Unit does fit records. ;) So far, the EXPEDIT Bookcase has been sold. The rest are still up for sale. All HAVE TO GO. Interested parties, kindly email me aaron_k<nospam>@hotmail.com
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    ***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP

    Inbox cleared. Thanks. :)
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    ***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP

    expedit is currently on hold for someone else. I will let ya know the status by tomorrow.
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    ***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP

    Exactly that colour. Dark chocolate brown.