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    thinngs to do in boston

    I have a project I am working on in Bean-town, so I am there pretty regular.... some cool things to do (also check out boston.com - lots of great info) Their equivalent to NOW/Eye: http://www.stuffatnight.com/ DEEP DISH IS THERE THIS WEEKEND AT AVALON!!! Go for a drive/ferry/harbour...
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    Left-handed golf equipment for sale

    i will take them if you still have them... PM me.
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    What is your ultimate concert???

    ninjatune Well it isn't Coldcut.... but Ninjatune is in TO on Saturday November 1 @ the El Mocambo aka - DJ Vadim and Russian Percussion, live :D Or the 2nd in Guelph! http://www.ninjatune.net/live/ Also some Kid Koala endorsed short film fest!
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    Telus Game Ads With Sound On Tribe?

    oddly enough - I just went back to the Tribe mainpage and had some oldschool arcade clip play... froggereaque, but not sure.
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    wireless networks suck

    further to my other post... desktop wireless is kinda stupid... its in one place forever... hook the wire up! heheh I have had similar problems with desktop wireless... only worked when I attached a MAC USB wireless unit.... the PC wierless cards are a complete hack of PCMCIA cards and work...
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    wireless networks suck

    Could be how you have your antennae arranged etc. I used a 11Mbit router for a year or so with no problems, used to sit outside with my laptop and drink beer. It is true that cables to provide a more stable connection, but you may be able to troubleshoot your probs. If you are using a desktop...
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    K-W blows ass

    K-W Long Weekend Fun? SO is there anything going on here this weekend???
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    Rolling Stones & Friends @ Downsview

    HELLS YEAH! AC/DC by far was the loudest and rockin'ist performance there! What an exceptional concert for $20... that will never happen again!
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    Anybody here work in a GIS-related shop?

    Company I work for uses GIS, among all sorts of related mapping goodies... PM me. D
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    More additions to the "Star Wars Kid"

    ONLINE PETITION TO GET THIS KID IN EPISODE III! http://www.petitiononline.com/Ghyslain/petition.html
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    More additions to the "Star Wars Kid"

    Funniest shit I have seen in a long time! I hope he shows up in Episode III
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    getting rid of "stuff"

    ...put em out on the curb with a "free" sign... they will disappear in a day or two. ANything else, recycle it or Goodwill it. I got rid of lots of stuff with the ol' curbside free sign - it seems to work well... just watch the forecast! Magazines just don't get along with rain! Throwing...
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    Anyone In K/W right now!!!

    What's up?? I'm in north w-loo...
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    K-W blows ass

    Is there anything goin on on a Sunday night?
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    City to run half of school pools

    WHy don't they run them all half full? har har har