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    A Wrestling Thread

    i like wrasslin. it gets me all hot and bothered to see buff guys all oiled up, runnin around in little skin tight panties grabbin at each other, putting their faces in their oponents crotch and then pressing his muscular oily body against the other guys muscular oily body for a three cound...
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    TV shows that NEED to be released on DVD

    -transformers - beast wars/machines (all of em not just the crappy first season) -shadow raiders =^_^=
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    those fucking bastards

    i'm calling BULLSHIT. there is no artistic value whatsoever in: "For 15 minutes, the men and one other, who remains at large, hung a cat by its neck from a telephone cord, slit its throat, stabbed, kicked and skinned it. They then plucked out its eye with a dental tool and ripped off its ear...
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    those fucking bastards

    hey will. yeah i'm great (awesome actually). cept totally pissed right now at that article. in a way i wish this had happened in vancouver. then i know i could get together a bunch of people and make those little shits live a life of pain, agony and fear for a long long time. wow that...
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    those fucking bastards

    yeah it's me - for the few of you who remember me. haven't been on for a while but last time i was around i remember this discussion about the two little fucking cock suckers who skinned the cat alive and labeled their cruelty 'art'. for those of you who don't know - judgement has been...
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    Slut vs. Stud

    try alternative book stores. book co-ops. particularly gay and lesbian book stores. miss mew =^_^=
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    Slut vs. Stud

    AMEN BROTHA!! hehehe that's the most i smiled all day miss mew =^_^=
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    Slut vs. Stud

    this is one reason why i like the word SLUT. like the word CUNT it conjures up negative dirty unclean images of women. typically these words are used to insult women, make them feel bad about their sexuality and in turn make them feel bad about themselves. it sure is easy to keep a woman in...
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    hello metal morphisis

    there was mad breaks at spooky 6. i never attend big events but i went to spooky 6 specifically because their side room was all about the breaks - and i danced hard! there are breaks in this town - just hard to come by and rarely will you find them in the clubs. i think there is an event on...