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    Doug Ford, Premier

    Last weekend I was driving behind a car with the new plate in the middle of the day on a sunny afternoon. I made the comment to my wife that I could barely make out the plate number. In the middle of the day. Have not seen one after dark but I can only imagine. Guess I should get one for my...
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    Would you buy property around here?

    Used to stop in there for a beer or 3 on my way home from work. With a quick take out order from George’s Chicken. I lived around the corner on Pembroke street so was always a good place to grab a cheap beer with lots of characters and interesting conversation.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Sounds about right. I was up at 330am today for no good reason. Dinner by 5 early bird special at Swiss Chalet. Next stop, Florida retirement community with Morty Seinfeld.
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    Nobody Cares...

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    Nobody Cares...

    And in the spirit of the season, I’ve been on a Shane McGowan kick as of late and have found so many amazing songs that I’ve never heard.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Listened to the interview a few weeks back on Q. Great listen and I loved and still love her voice.
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    2019/ 2020 Leafs

    Just a few random thoughts as I watch tonight’s game. Matthews is as soft as a marshmallow at the Canada Day BBQ. How about you play 2 way hockey and use your size. Willy N, time to earn those $$$$$ and learn how to get back on D when you don have the puck. No back up goalie and Freddy...
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    RIP John Mann _ Spirit Of The West

    It‘s been a few days but I wanted to put this up for anyone who wasn’t aware that John had passed away. For anyone that isn’t aware of his fight over the past number of years, or if you are familiar with Spirit of the West (and I am not talking about “home for a rest “ which is how a lot of...
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    Don Cherry fired

    And we have officially jumped the shark.
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    Doug Ford, Premier

    If I’m the local corner store owner, for me the last thing I would want is to start selling beer. Not sure that the extra revenue I’m going to make is worth the hassle of having to deal with a bunch of people coming in and trying to shoplift booze. I’m at my local corner store all the time and...
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    RIP Bookie

    How I loved listening to him on CFNY way back when. God’s speed and RIP
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    Saw this yesterday. So I guess Marner is either going to take a big hit on the bottom or look to move to a more tax friendly country. LOL
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Just about to drop my Christmas present from my daughter. Verve Urban Hymns re-issue on the festive green vinyl. My pick, my daughter found it and of course mom paid for it. And since I have the the house to myself this afternoon the volume will go to 11.
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    George H.W. Bush, dead at age 94

    Watched the full ceremony today. Very moving and politics aside, it was amazing to hear the words that people used to describe GHWB. Also kind of cool to see Brian Mulroney speek. Reminder of PET and Fidel. On a side note, Trump looked very uncomfortable and quite frankly disinterested, as...
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    Trump Presidency

    I bust out the Devine vinyl every chance I get. Awesome pic. Nice bow tie Colenel Sanders.